welcome home

ok, last valahn session you narrowly escaped elacks minions and members of the cult
while releasing elack provided enemied for the cults onslught of the priory
enemy of my enemy has won and elack now moves among the Catulah cult
you are tires and weary as the light of the morning breaks the sky line
Your journey has been long and hard. but you have made it to the gate of rhodec as the suns first light breaks the horizon.
a small troop of city military are gathered before the gate in front of them stands Brother Vahn. who quickly notices you approaching.
Brother Vahn: By Brall thanks our holy patron, you are alive!
Elyon Longbow: But only barely!
Draven Ashwood cracks a thin grin " Why do you seem so surprised?"
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: I was assembling these men as re-enforcments to aid you. Atulah brought me word of your passing I became distressed when she told me of the captain not meeting her on her rounds to blacken hill….Then after three days and no sign of your return I knew that something fouls must have transpired.
Elyon Longbow: We have been beset by enemies from the moment we started. We have some things for you, though.
Brother Vahn: Lets not speak of such matters here, follow me to the temple and you can freshen up and brief me there.
Elyon Longbow gives the man a weary nod and follows along after him…
Draven Ashwood diggs in his backpack for a couple moments. He pulls out the necklace with the symbol on it. " Do you know of this symbol?"
Draven Ashwood Nods and follows
Brother Vahn: please we know not who has eyes or ears out here
Brother Vahn: we will speak at the temple
As Brother Vahn escorts you through the city streets, the bright Morning sun dances multicolored off the rooftops and street cobbles comforting you and setting your mind at ease. Even amits the citty bussle of the morning laborers transiting to work you find those mundane sites a pleasure to witness after your short adventure getting back to Rhodec.
Robyn of the Meadows: great more walking
Robyn of the Meadows: and soon i’ll be hearing from paldoe
Robyn of the Meadows: i’m sure his men already have news of my return
Draven Ashwood rubs his temples and takes a deep breath of the city air his mind begins to feel at ease
Elyon Longbow: Don’t worry, Robyn, I’ll do all that I can for you.
Robyn of the Meadows: I glad for the help
Robyn of the Meadows: thanks elyon
Your tour through the city seems long as the time passes.The buildings in the temple district are tightly packed together on the streets the flora and funa are well manicured and though the building seem old, their aged apearance adds to their charm. Brother Vahn Begins pointing out buldings of note.
Brother Vahn: There is the the temple of Jezal, I beleive he is called Talisahn in your native tongues. Patron of soldires on the field of battle.
Campaign saved.
The temple he points to is stout with five red minurets, four rising from each corner and one taller on rotruding from its center.
Brother Vahn: And other there is Veasia, I beleive that is Feadah to you. Some time after this ordeal is delt with you’ll want to make an offering and …uh enjoy the services of her preistesses.
Brother Vahn winks and cracks an ever slight smile.
Draven Ashwood raises an eyebrow at Brother Vahn
Robyn of the Meadows: men, hrmph
After some time he stops!
Brother Vahn: Here we are gentlemen. The temple of Brall, you may call him by your native language if it so pleases you. Soluhn, I always did like the sound of his name in the elvish dielect.
You now stand before the Temple of Bral, The building is round with a gold colored dome that shimmers in the mid morning light. The stout hardy construction give the building the apearance of being an impenitrable fortress.l
Brother Vahn: i do hope you enjoyed the little tour
Brother Vahn: Rhodec is a wonder
Draven Ashwood stand before the temple his face clear of all emotions. the wind blws his jet black hair about which seems to be the only expression about him
Brother Vahn leads you straight in to a banquet hall where food seems to already be prepared.
Brother Vahn: Please have a seat and dine, I know you all must be hungry after such a journey.
Draven Ashwood: Far different than hollowed out rock houses
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: true but humility of those rocks are a blessing in and of themselves
Draven Ashwood looks to Brother Vahn, unsure if he actually knows from where Draven comes from.
GM: Brother Vahn allows you to Eat and sits quietly
GM: check sheets
GM: any missing fp or hp can be replaced
Draven Ashwood: I need a real name for my elf sub race. Can you help me make one?
Elyon Longbow chomps down gratefully on a piece of bread…
hass: good thing you ask
hass: we will have one today
Draven Ashwood slowly and macanicly eats his food almost as if his movments were scripted
Draven Ashwood: I only ask because I want to write about his past
Elyon Longbow starts speakin with his mouth full…
after eating he produces a 3 purses and tosses them each to your end of the table
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: ahh the sort of thing that makes a girl happy
Draven Ashwood: How much is our payment?
Robyn of the Meadows shacks her purse to hear the jingle
Brother Vahn: as promised 500 gold each
Draven Ashwood takes the purse that was given to him and slides it over the top of the table to robyn
Elyon Longbow slides his pouch over to Robyn at the same time…
Brother Vahn: there are other benefits i will conditionally open to you
Robyn of the Meadows: what is this?
Elyon Longbow: A start, I hope…
Draven Ashwood: The price of your freedom, girl
Robyn of the Meadows: I can not accept this!
Draven Ashwood: You will accept this.
Elyon Longbow: You can, and you will. I cannot begin to state what I owe you for saving my life.
Robyn of the Meadows smiles
Robyn of the Meadows: don’;t have to twst my arm
Draven Ashwood looks to bother Vahn " what benefits?"
Robyn of the Meadows: a step closer to paying paldoe
A familiar voice is head entering the room
Atuhla: I swear i’m going to cook that beast one day!
Brother Vahn: speaking of….
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood doesn’t look up from his eating that he has returned to
Atuhla: I see you all have returned i hope the journey was pleasant
Elyon Longbow turns towards Atuhla and smiles broadly… “Atuhla! Your potions have seen use already!”
Atuhla: of coarse, you are hear are you not
Elyon Longbow: It’s good to see a familiar face. OUr journey was… eventful.
Atuhla smiles
Elyon Longbow: We knew it was trouble from the start. And we have much to tell you. When we knocked on the door, there was no answer, so we set out to investigate…
Brother Vahn: Altulah has long been a friend of the temple and she will open her services to you in the event that you will further serve Rhodecs needs
Elyon Longbow: The place was a massacre. We eventually came upon a dying captain Daleth, though.
Brother Vahn: I i do sense you, draven have desires in coming to Rhodec
Atuhla: oh!
Brother Vahn: please do fill us in
Brother Vahn: what did you find?
Draven Ashwood: Brother Vahn, I am in your service. I will always be there to help protect the life of your daughter, as she has protected mine
Brother Vahn: daughter?
Draven Ashwood keeps speaking while he looks down at his plate of food
Brother Vahn: Robyn?
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): oops, wasn’t she related to him!?
hass: play on
Brother Vahn: hahahaha
Draven Ashwood looks up at brother vahn with a cold stare
Brother Vahn: though I would like that to be she …. well her path crosses that of my own
Robyn of the Meadows: haha
Draven Ashwood: I believe Brall has come to expect some things of me.
Robyn of the Meadows: your deputies apreciate that i’m sure
Brother Vahn: that seems so
Brother Vahn: now explain all that transpired
Draven Ashwood: With my brother Elyon and Robyn, I believe we have just started to come to his will
Brother Vahn: what did you see at Blackenhill?
Elyon Longbow: We investigated the priory first, and found a massacre. We came upon a dying captain Daleth.
Brother Vahn apears sad
Draven Ashwood places the necklace on the table
Elyon Longbow He informed us that in an act of folly, he had released Elack Vamou from the priory, as it was beset by cultists that… I believe, are intent on relesinf Azral, as you may deduct from this necklace…
Elyon Longbow: Elyon Longbow He informed us that in an act of folly, he had released Elack Vamou from the priory, as it was beset by cultists that… I believe, are intent on relesinf Azral, as you may deduct from this necklace…
Brother Vahn: by the gods!
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow motions towards the necklace Draven put on the table…
Brother Vahn: Are they mad?
Elyon Longbow: We were instructed to return with a small cylinder from beneath the sealstone underneath the priory, and we have done so.
Brother Vahn: as for elack, there re ledgends i’m quite concerned over
Brother Vahn: what of the ashes?
Elyon Longbow: Ah yes. I was justr getting to that. On the way back, we were ambushed by Elack and this cult, who were after the ashes. Thankfully, we escaped with those, too, and have them with us.
Brother Vahn: I thank you for your loyalty
Brother Vahn: please i’ll hide the ashes…
Brother Vahn: lets sett this cylinder
Elyon Longbow: Blacke, hill, however, is no more, I’m afraid.
Elyon Longbow: We only barely escaped with our lives. The place is now covered in darkness.
Brother Vahn: We heard the ground shake from here
Draven Ashwood: Elack is a creature that is of rat and of man…He has bitten Elyon, and I would like to have someone make sure elyon isn’t infected.
Elyon Longbow looks ashamed at the mention of his wound…
Brother Vahn: with the weakening of the hills blessings the souls are free creating another obsticle
Elyon Longbow: This is true… in our struggle with Elack, I was bitten.
Brother Vahn: yes, yes….
Atuhla: let me see
Atuhla: ahhh yes
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: I see something has effected you both
Elyon Longbow: Aye, while I may have been adversely infected by this… thing, Draven here seems to have been called by Brall himself.
Atuhla: ahhh look at the wound ….ha lycan
Atuhla covers her mouth
Brother Vahn: is that so?
Draven Ashwood looks at Atuhla with an expression of worry " What can you do about this?"
Atuhla: nothing i’m afraid, this is beyond my abilities
Draven Ashwood looks to brother vahn " We’re going to need your help in this matter "
Brother Vahn: Draven I’m afriad you are bound to this situation as well
Brother Vahn: brall does not choose lightly
Draven Ashwood: Are you saying I’m also infected?
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: haha infected?
Brother Vahn: the children of the eld have a funny way of perceiving a blessing
Brother Vahn: hum that sword
Brother Vahn: elyon at first i would have dyned to beleive you cursed
Brother Vahn: that sword
Elyon Longbow: Elack and his rat-kin seemed to hate it with a passion…
Elyon Longbow: Do you know of it?
Brother Vahn: it is starting to make sense
Brother Vahn: but it still is not all clear
Brother Vahn: lets see what the cylinder reveals
Brother vahn takes the object, then holds it up before his face. He then closesd his eyes and begins saying arcane words in a low humming tone while gesturing symbols with his free hand.
the object radiates a blue glow that slowly gets so bright that you can nolonger see the object itself…
The with a sudden flsh of blue brilliance the object disappears and Brother Vahn is left holding a very ancient gnarled scroll.
He opens the scroll and begins reading out load …
A heros frame Hides a coward shame and so unravels the world.
Brother Vahn: The rest is a dielect which has not seen the light of Valahn in near two thousand years. It seems to be a Cipher and an incomplete one at that…
Brother Vahn: I’m afaid I can not read it … not without the key. and as for the strange verse I know not what it references.
Brother Vahn: well we have an idea what the cult is after
Elyon Longbow: It seems that fate has bound the strands of our future together… What can we do to help?
Brother Vahn: we need to know what elack or who elack is
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood: I’m more than happy to pay anohter visit to Elack
Brother Vahn: we have one now cursed and the other blessed
Brother Vahn: a mystery scroll
Brother Vahn: a lot of questions
Brother Vahn: Follow me.
Draven Ashwood stands and follows Brother Vahn
Elyon Longbow gets up, swallows a last mouthful , and trots after the others..
he leads you down a long ornate hall to an open room lined with thousands shelves stuffed with books and scolls. In the center os the room is a long wood table with lite candles with glass covers every 10’ on the table. Chairs for reading line boths sides of the tabel.
He begins grabbing books and scolls and takes them to the table. the books are definatly old and a coat of dust is wafts into the air as he drops the books down onto the table. he then opens one and peers into it. then stops and looks at you.
Brother Vahn: Please assist me, look for anything that may provide answers concerning the scroll you have braught me.
Robyn of the Meadows picks upa book and starts looking at pictures
Elyon Longbow lets the pages fly by as he collects his memories…
Robyn of the Meadows: wish i could read
Draven Ashwood nods his head and begins looking through the books in the same general area
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 5]
[] Draven Ashwood: You find an interesting passes in one of the old tombs.
[] Draven Ashwood: There are tales of previous kings, Kings of elder days… when your kind ruled all valahn. Tales of the kings keeping some such oracle. In later days when man rebeled angainst the eld kings they did so by talking control over the oracle. thus using its power and binding it to their will…The Oracle granted the first heros of men an all knowing power over the enemy. I know not why it was hidden I guess the first kings of man were afraid of its power falling back into the eld hands.
[] Draven Ashwood: My destiny is set I will be a wealthy man when I return for I know where the oracle is and I’ll set out at the first of the melting of the snow when crossing yashgar will pose the least resistance to my journey south…Ival Hagit
Draven Ashwood: Brother Vahn, I believe I have found somthing of interest.
Brother Vahn: what is it?
Draven Ashwood begins to read aloud
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: ahh
There are tales of previous kings, Kings of elder days… when your kind ruled all valahn. Tales of the kings keeping some such oracle. In later days when man rebeled angainst the eld kings they did so by talking control over the oracle. thus using its power and binding it to their will…The Oracle granted the first heros of men an all knowing power over the enemy. I know not why it was hidden I guess the first kings of man were afraid of its power falling back into the eld hands.
My destiny is set I will be a wealthy man when I return for I know where the oracle is and I’ll set out at the first of the melting of the snow when crossing yashgar will pose the least resistance to my journey south…Ival Hagit
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Thanks that would have taken forever to type
hass: lol
Brother Vahn: Hmmm, Normally I do not like the idea of chasing fantasy tales. But to many of the living elds speak of the oracle and its theft by man. I know one person, an ….somewhat an oracle herself.
Brother Vahn: are you up for another adventure my young elven bretheren?
Elyon Longbow: Aye… I, for one, have some unfinished business with Elack.
Brother Vahn: and what of you draven< you seek answers too?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Sorry, let me catch up. I got a phone call
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: ok
Draven Ashwood nods his head in agreement with Elyon " I’m far from finished. I will full fill the calling of Brall, but I would like to make sure Elack meets his end sooner than later"
Brother Vahn: You must goto the temple of Lua and consult Alvastia. which poses a problem unto itself as she sees no one. She may not even be alive as she is as old as that tomb if not older. if she is alive still she will be at her home at Divne’s in the noble dustrict. this may pose another problem as you will not have access to that district.
Brother Vahn: I need not explain that we must to be descrete here. so you will want to sneak past any city patrols. I do not wish to tip off any one as to our next move by requisitioning a pass.
Brother Vahn: Do what you must, to persuade the preistesses that you need to see Alvestia. Be very careful not to reveal to much we do not yet know who we can trust.
Brother Vahn: Go prepair yourselves. And again you will be well compensated for your service to Rhodec and the gods of creations.and may the scales of Brall fall in your favor…always.
Atuhla: this may be of help
Atuhla placed a jar on the table
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): We need a way to make notes of adventures and people of the world in FG
hass: mell keeps a notebook
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Yeah, I’m takin gprints screens now though, i’ll write them out later. I can’t keep up taking manual notes :p
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): lol… I’ll go back to the adventure log and copy and paste
GM: ok something else happend while draven read the book
GM: look at your traits draven
GM: area knolege
Robyn of the Meadows: what is in the jar?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I gaind more knowledge?
Atuhla: ahhh a very strong sleeping agnet, handle with care. if it is possable to get through this without killijng a guard the better
hass: yep
Robyn of the Meadows: we are speaking on my element here
Robyn of the Meadows: elyon,…
Elyon Longbow: How is the agent applied?
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: care to learn to stealthly move through the shadows?
Atuhla: ahh a single cut of a coated blade or peircing will do the trick
Draven Ashwood: I think she is inviting you into a dark place my brother…
Draven Ashwood snickers a little
Robyn of the Meadows: no, this is my home…traversing the nobl’s district is no casual stroll
Elyon Longbow: AYe, I would take every oportunity to get through this with the least amount of violence.
Robyn of the Meadows: stand up
Elyon Longbow does as commanded
Robyn of the Meadows: look about the shadows in the room and study them close
Draven Ashwood leans back in his chair and watches the display
Elyon Longbow scans the room…
Elyon Longbow: Ok, I think I have most of it…
Robyn of the Meadows: now try and use them to sneak up behind me
→ Elyon Longbow: ^-5 Hard
Robyn of the Meadows: roll DX
GM: roll DX
Elyon Longbow: [3d6 = 9]
Campaign saved.
→ Elyon Longbow: ^-5 Hard
GM: did you roll your DX?
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Err, I just rolled 3d6, when I dragged form my DX score, I just dragged the value, not the dice :|
Elyon Longbow: 12
GM: strength: (9) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
GM: reroll
GM: from dx
GM: i need to know it works
Elyon Longbow: 12
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): That’s weird. It worked that one time you showed me :|
GM: weird
Draven Ashwood: intelligence: (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
GM: works here too on your sheet
Elyon Longbow: #Acting (10) : [3d6 = 12]
GM: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Somthing is wonky
GM: very
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Damnit, one of my weapons in the ranged weapon category just got deleted.
GM: not a problem
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): I dragged it to the chat and now it’s gone. Can’t remember which one it was :|
Draven Ashwood: 16
GM: i have it logged
GM: Area Knowledge (Isiend)(Rhodec) (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Oh well…
GM: something borked on your connection
GM: reconnect
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): ok.
‘Mellock’ disconnected
‘Mellock’ connected
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Can you help me get my background changed for DM, or tell me where I can read up on how to do that?
GM: weird cuz nothing i worked on had any thing to do with that area of the ruleset
GM: yes

Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: try your sheet now
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Oh man, did we just lose that whole chat log?
GM: yep
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): It works now :)
GM: surrupted download
GM: currupted^
GM: let me fix your sheet
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Thanks :)
→ Elyon Longbow: ^-5 Hard
Robyn of the Meadows: ok try and sneak up on me
Campaign saved.
GM: roll dx
Elyon Longbow tries to slip into the shadows and skips from corner to corner in an effort to sneak up on Robyn…
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: ( Hard : -5) 12 Hard : -5 -5= (7):[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Robyn of the Meadows: ok you see what you did wrong
Robyn of the Meadows: remember it and do not do it that way
Elyon Longbow: Less movement is better, got it.
Elyon Longbow makes another attempt…
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
Hard [-5]
Robyn of the Meadows: -that is at -5
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): I still have 5 points to burn, you can sink them in stealth if you want :)
Robyn of the Meadows: ok you have stealth now
Robyn of the Meadows: from learning
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): cool…
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Robyn need to take you into a dark room and show you the ins and outs ;)
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Gutterminded creature! :p
GM: lol
Elyon Longbow: I can see that we would make a better chance to slip in under the cover of night. Is there more security around at that time?
Brother Vahn: ok Robyn is familiar with the city
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: by day we will be seen
Robyn of the Meadows: night is the only way
Draven Ashwood: I believe I might have some skills that would lend them selfs to this tasks as well
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Provided I can make good die rolls
Elyon Longbow: Aye, I have seen your illusions… they would be a good addition to our skills…
Robyn of the Meadows: good we can reinforce them with the cover of night
Robyn of the Meadows: and this sleeping agent
Brother Vahn: is there anything you need take care of before the night comes?
Draven Ashwood: We should rest up… We all need it.
Elyon Longbow: Aye, some rest would be nice… Also, I wonder if there would be any chance to procure a ring with a small neddle attached to it… like a poisoning ring. Perhaps it would come in handy applying the sleeping agent.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): *needle
Draven Ashwood: Lets visit a local jewelar
Brother Vahn: hmm you maybe able to procure one at market
Elyon Longbow: Ah, perhaps we can stop by Lizbeth’s… She seemed to have an endless array of useful items.
Robyn of the Meadows: what about our simple dagger?
Campaign saved.
Brother Vahn: should work fine so long as skill is broken and the cut is none leathal
Elyon Longbow: I am most tired though, and I would rather not be seen purchasing such an item. Is there a way to have this item procured while we rest,and have it delivered by one of the brethren of Brall?
Draven Ashwood: At night the guards will be tired and hungry.. we can dress as local food merchants, and the guards might be more than willing to purchace some cheap tastty laced food
Brother Vahn: we can not introduce any others to our plans
Brother Vahn: though i can have the item procured
Elyon Longbow: That would be most kind of you.
Elyon Longbow: I believe we shall retire to our quarters then?
Draven Ashwood stands and nods his head to Brother Vahn. " Thank you for all your kindness. We will rest now"
GM: you have no hand to hand skills so any move with the ring will be at dx
Elyon Longbow: And I will get up a little earlier to practice this sneaking around. A little practice won’t hurt, methinks.
Brother Vahn: ok you may rest here
Campaign saved.
GM: as you all rest vahn receives the item
Robyn of the Meadows: wake
Robyn of the Meadows: it is time
Robyn of the Meadows: damn in all my life i never met elves to sleep so sound
Elyon Longbow rubs his bloodshot eyes as he sits up…
Robyn of the Meadows: vahn left you thiis
Robyn of the Meadows hand elyoin the ring
Elyon Longbow: My thanks. I hope it won’t be necessary, but if it comes in handy, it will be money well spent.
Draven Ashwood wakes up and readies all of his belongings
Robyn: I know the best way into the noble’s district of the city. It is not to far from here and is usually the least guarded.
Elyon Longbow dips the needle in the sleeping agant and slips it on his finger. Then he starts gathering things and looks prepared for a night of adventuring…
Robyn of the Meadows: i already coated my dagger
Elyon Longbow: The less guards, the better. Lead on!
Robyn of the Meadows: what is your chosen weapon draven?
Elyon Longbow: Aye, my sword will have a dose of it as well.
Elyon Longbow puts the tips of a few arrows in th jar as well…
Draven Ashwood: I’ll be useing my knifes, so we better coat them all.
Robyn of the Meadows: ok, ready to move?
Draven Ashwood coats all of his knifes with the sleep agaent
Robyn of the Meadows: we ready?
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood: Yes, ready.
Robyn leads you westward through the city and across the temple district. the city in the evening seems alive with wandering people, drunks returning home after to much drink and merry making. The hues of night grey and flickering talow lamps makes the city feel warm with a new type of life that you have yet seen.
Her path takes you through many dark alley ways and smaller streets less traveled by the common folk. the only life seen within the dark streets is the occasional beggar searching the backalleys for a place outside the common district for a night’s rest.
You can tell that you must be getting close, as the Palace of stars on the mount seems to loom over your actions larger and larger.
Robyn: Here we are…
Elyon Longbow looks around, scanning the place for natural hiding places…
Elyon Longbow: Any guards nearby?
Draven Ashwood also inspects the area around him. Look for guads or anyone that might witness their actions
Robyn of the Meadows: one sec
Draven Ashwood: There is somthing comforting about the dark underbelly of this town. I can’t put my finger on it.
Robyn points out of the alley way across the main fairway to a wooden bridge that spans one of the cities greater tributaries. before the bride is seated two armed city guards. deep in conversation.
Guard 1: I tell you the Hair on her legs was longer than the hair on my daughter’s head. when I saw that I had to tell her then that I was in love!
Guard 2: Hmph, I think you spent far to much time at the Ungar outpost. Now those women of Divine’s….wooee hoe hoe!
Guard 1: I don’t get it, those women are far to fragile. I’d break em in half is i could even aford to get through the door….
Robyn of the Meadows whispers
Robyn of the Meadows: ok there is the way in
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood considers the area around them for a few moments
Draven Ashwood whispers " we don’g want to have combat with these men"
Elyon Longbow (whispering): can we create a distraction for them, luring htem away?
Robyn of the Meadows: maybe sounds good what you have planned?
Elyon Longbow: I was thinking perhaps one of Draven’s illusions may do the trick?
Draven Ashwood (I): believe I have an idea… I can set an illusionary flame to a surrounding building.
Robyn of the Meadows: ok
Elyon Longbow: If it’s not too nearby. We don’t want to attract other guards when we try to sneak out again.
Elyon Longbow: Go ahead.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): setting fore to the area where the pointer is
GM: move the monster toke to the buildiing
GM: ahh beter
GM: rool
GM: roll
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Powers tab is blank
GM: now
Draven Ashwood: Phantom Flame (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
flames apear in the corner of the building
Draven Ashwood (whipsers): when we get past i’ll make the bridge appear broken… lets hurry
GM: double clikc the stack
GM: roll stealth
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): done
Elyon Longbow: stealth ( Unfavorable : -1, Favorable : 1, Favorable : +1) 10 1= (11):[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Draven Ashwood: Stealth ( Unfavorable : -1, Favorable : 1, Favorable : +1) 13 1= (14):[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
GM: Stealth ( Unfavorable : -1, Favorable : 1, Favorable : +1) 15 1= (16):[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
GM: you all succeed in passing the bridge guards
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Do the guards seem to have noticed us?
hass: nope the stealths are success
On this side of the tributary you imeadiatly notice that the buildings ate monuments are far better kept and maintained than any other area of the city. The streets are far cleaner and devoid of loitering rifts of people.
Campaign saved.
Robyn: we must be very careful from this point on. or we will be found by the patrols. We really should take the high ground. get a jump on any spotters.
Elyon Longbow (whisper): You know this place best, I’ll take your lead.
Robyn leads you down a small alley way tightly nesstled between two buildingsa tree grows close enough to the lowest house to climb to the roof top above. Robyn grabs the lowest branches and pulls herself up.
Draven Ashwood attempts to do as robyn did
[] Draven Ashwood: ^-5 Hard
GM: roll dx
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Hard : -5) 11 Hard : -5 -5= (6):[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: your feet slip
Elyon Longbow puts his hands together for Draven to step up…
Elyon Longbow: Here, try this…
GM: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Draven Ashwood uses Elyon as a boost up
GM: elyon roll climbing
Elyon Longbow: Climbing (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
GM: ahh good idea
GM: roll st elyon
Elyon Longbow: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Elyon Longbow: Ok… one more try!
Robyn of the Meadows: hurry up you two
Robyn of the Meadows: roll st
Elyon Longbow puts his back against the tree firmly, and bends his knees at a 90 degree angle, for Draven to steup up.
Draven Ashwood: We’re never going to hear the end of this from her
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Robyn of the Meadows: you made it
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Rolling high is bad Mkay
[] Draven Ashwood: ^1 Favorable
Robyn of the Meadows: draven roll dx
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): I just keep rolling sixes! If thise were DnD I’d be godlike!
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Favorable : +1) 11
1= (12):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Robyn of the Meadows: draven mounts the tree
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I’ve always wanted to mount a tree
GM: one more dx roll to get to the top
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 17]
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: slips
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): That’s almost a crit failure
GM: you are back on the tree
Robyn of the Meadows: you guys stop plying around
Robyn of the Meadows: one more to make the top
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Robyn of the Meadows: damn ok robyn climbes back to the tree and holds a hand out
[] Draven Ashwood: ^2 Mild risk
Elyon Longbow reaches down for Draven to get a hold of…
Robyn of the Meadows: reach up
Elyon Longbow: Take our hands, we’ll pull you up!
Draven Ashwood grabs both fo them to pull himself up
GM: roll dx
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Mild risk : +2) 11
2= (13):[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: you are on the tree with both hands holding
Draven Ashwood grumbles a little to himself… " I’m a mage, not a monkey"
[] Draven Ashwood: ^3 Mild risk
Robyn of the Meadows snikers
GM: one more roll to the top
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Mild risk : +3) 11
3= (14):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
GM: assisted
Elyon Longbow: Climbing (13) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 16]
Campaign saved.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Sonuva!
GM: lol
[] Elyon Longbow: ^1 Favorable
Robyn of the Meadows: try again i’ll help
Elyon Longbow stoms the tree branch with his foot in frustration….
Elyon Longbow: Climbing ( Favorable : +1) 13
1= (14):[Success!] [3d6 = 5]
[] Elyon Longbow: ^2 Mild risk
Robyn of the Meadows: one more to the top
Elyon Longbow: Ugh, thanks. I lived among the trees all my life, this used to be child’s play for me…
Elyon Longbow: Climbing ( Mild risk : +2) 13
2= (15):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Upon reaching the top robyn gives you the Hush sign and point across to a rooftop of a neiboring building.
Robyn: Look over there…See
Elyon Longbow squints as he look sover in the indicated direction…
Elyon Longbow: One guard…
Robyn of the Meadows: a spotter
Draven Ashwood (whispers): We just have to make sure what he spots works in our favor
Robyn of the Meadows: we have to jump over there to get to the next roof?
Draven Ashwood: That’s impossable…
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
robyns takes a running start and leaps across
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood (whispers): I swear this girl is half monkey
Elyon Longbow: There might be something to that. You want to go first?
Robyn of the Meadows: well come catch the monkey girl
Elyon Longbow takes a few steps back, starts running and flings himself forward over the edge…
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Not good…
GM: one more to catch the ledge
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Elyon Longbow slams into the side of the builing, just barely catching hold of the ledge….
Elyon Longbow: Oooph!
GM: you hare hanging there robynhelps you up
Draven Ashwood takes a running leap towards the other side
hass: i hope you guys find this different and kind of neat
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 13]
Elyon Longbow scrambles up, panting as the slamming forced the air out of hislungs…
GM: catch the ledge
GM: one more
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Elyon Longbow races to catch Draven’s hands…
Robyn of the Meadows: you guys eat to much
Robyn of the Meadows: you move like gollems
Elyon Longbow: This is… harder than it looks.
Draven Ashwood clinches his teeth as he is pulled to the top
Robyn of the Meadows: keep quiet here we will sneek down the stairs for a better shot
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: Stealth (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow: stealth (10) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Confusticate and bebother, my dice are cursed!
City Guard (roaming patrol): huh?
Elyon Longbow ducks down and hardly dares to breathe…
City Guard (roaming patrol): aye what was that?
Robyn of the Meadows: elyon your bow
Elyon Longbow takes out one of the arrows doused in sleeping ageint and nocks it…
Robyn of the Meadows: take the shot
Elyon Longbow breathes in and out a few times, then holds his breath, and for the split second in between heartbeats, draws back his bow and released the arrow…
Elyon Longbow: Bow (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 14]
Robyn of the Meadows: roll dmg
Elyon Longbow: Longbow damage (1d 1/oocmp): [1d6 = 2]
tink! it bouces off his armor
City Guard (roaming patrol): aye we have a live one ere
Draven Ashwood: We’re going to have to take him down…
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow offers a small prayer to Brall to let this end without bloodshed…
Elyon Longbow nocks back another arrow and draws his bow…
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): can I aim for an arm?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Does the guard have any ranged weapons?
GM: yes and yes
GM: robyn goes first
GM: Dagger (thrown) (14) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 13]
GM: Dagger (thrown) (14) :[ Possible Hit! ] 13
GM: dodge: (7) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 9]
GM: hit
GM: Large Knife (thrown) damage (1d-1 imp): [1d6-1 = 5]
Draven Ashwood: we might check the range/movement chart. that’s a long way to throw a knife
he is doesed
Elyon Longbow
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Is it normal for my level of longbow on my combat tab and my level of bow on the skills tab to be different?
GM: yes
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): ok
Elyon Longbow: Longbow (12) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow: Longbow damage (1d +1/oocmp): [1d6 = 2]
GM: the st rating and weapon quality
Campaign saved.
GM: nope have to wait for defence
Elyon Longbow aims carefully and lets the arrow go, aiming for an arm of the guard…
GM: dodge: (7) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 9]
GM: he is hit
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): That shit works fast! lol
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): roofies.
Robyn of the Meadows: she said it was strong
Elyon Longbow inhales sharply…
Elyon Longbow: That was… a little too close for comfort.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): BRB gotta pee
Robyn of the Meadows: we still have a ways to go in the roofs
Elyon Longbow: I hope there aren’t many more guards…
GM: we made lite work of those two
hass: i hope you guys dig this roof top thing
hass: i wasn’t sure how it would work out
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): It’s cool sneaking our way in.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): I think I’ll put a few points in stealth after this.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I love all of it… It’s nice to have a big challenge that we’re not even sure we can get past
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: strength: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 17]
Robyn of the Meadows: strength: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
she takes a running start and falls
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): That doesn’t look good
Draven Ashwood: I told her that was a bad idea…
Robyn of the Meadows: [2d6 = 4]
Draven Ashwood looks over the edge to see if she’s ok
she takes 4 dmg
and suffers shock
Robyn of the Meadows: shite
City Guard (roaming patrol): aye what was that?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): What are my ways down? Can I use the stairs over there to get to her?
Elyon Longbow closes his eyes for a second while a particularly foul curse crosses his lips…
City Guard (roaming patrol): Stealth (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
robyn manages to sneak into the dark shadows against a wall
Draven Ashwood pulls out a large knife… " we have the advantage from up here"
Elyon Longbow nocks back another arrow…
City Guard (roaming patrol): i know i eard somin
[] Elyon Longbow: ^
2 Mild risk
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): What are the bonus from fireing from above?
[]Draven Ashwood: ^2 Mild risk
City Guard (roaming patrol): already aplied
GM: look at stack
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): GOt it
GM: you have initiative
Draven Ashwood: Who goes first? Elyon or myself?
GM: elyon
Elyon Longbow: Longbow ( Mild risk : +2) 12
2= (14):[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 13]
GM: dam suprisse attack
GM: roll dmg
Elyon Longbow: Longbow damage (1d 1/oocmp): [1d6 = 3]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): AH, no dodge this time.
GM: suprised him
GM gives thumbs up
Robyn of the Meadows gives thumbs up
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 17]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Robyn of the Meadows: after 2 tries she makes it up the wall
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): What ways can I use to get down?
Robyn of the Meadows: climbe down at -1 dx
Robyn of the Meadows: or the way you came
Draven Ashwood tries to climb down the side of the building
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Mild risk : +2) 11
2= (13):[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): oops the 2 was still on there
Robyn of the Meadows: you made it
Robyn of the Meadows: what are you doing?
Draven Ashwood tries to clib up to the next building with Robyn
GM: the one table the screen doesn’t have is climbe
GM: 1 sec
[] Draven Ashwood: ^-3 Very Unfavorable
GM: ok roll dx
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Very Unfavorable : -3) 11 Very Unfavorable : -3 -3= (8):[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: we will never make it on the ground
Robyn of the Meadows: keep trying
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
GM: takes two rolls
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
GM: ahh -3
GM: failed
Robyn of the Meadows climbs down
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Still with us Elyon? Need to take a rest?
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): take off your coat and fling it upwards to towards robyn to pull you up on?
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: 14 -1= (13):[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
Robyn of the Meadows: that can help a lot
GM: -2
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Is robyn on the ground?
Robyn of the Meadows: yes
Draven Ashwood: Alright monkey girl, help me up
Robyn of the Meadows: she is going to help you up setting at dx
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
[] Draven Ashwood: ^-3 Very Unfavorable
Robyn of the Meadows: you are up on the wall
GM: roll dx to make the top
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Very Unfavorable : -3) 11 Very Unfavorable : -3 -3= (8):[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: you fall
Campaign saved.
GM: roll 1 d
Draven Ashwood: [1d6 = 4]
GM: -4 cr
GM: dm
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Did I fall all the way to the ground?
GM: yes you only have 2 rolls
GM: the ground is the only place to hit
GM: elyon jump across
Draven Ashwood hits the ground with a thud and groans from the pain “…this is not working out…”
GM: and help him from the top
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Take your cliak, and slice it into a makeshift rope for her to pull you up? Perhaps she can even tie it to something?
Draven Ashwood takes a dose from the bottle of healing
Elyon Longbow takes a few steps back and takes a running start, flinging himself over the edge with reckless abandon…
Elyon Longbow: strength: (9) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I don’t actually have anything like that in my possession.
Robyn of the Meadows: you part monkey too
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Let’s never, ever forget our rop again.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): *rope
Robyn of the Meadows: i’ll lift you pull elyon
Elyon Longbow: Allright, Draven, try to clraw up again, when we can reach you we can pull you up!
Robyn of the Meadows: straight DX
Elyon Longbow: ok
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Robyn of the Meadows: one more
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 17]
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: hrmph
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
hass: interesting challenges here
Robyn of the Meadows: i know another spotter roost is on the other side of the fountain
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I love it… We can’t have all challenges fall into our skill sets :)
hass: yeah good point
Robyn of the Meadows: Stealth ( Favorable : +1) 15
1= (16):[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Draven Ashwood: Stealth ( Favorable : 1) 13 1= (14):[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
Elyon Longbow: stealth ( Favorable : 1) 10 1= (11):[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
on another building below you see another spotter
Draven Ashwood: just a reminder stealth is a contst of skills stealth vs sight, hearing ect…
[] Draven Ashwood: he is looking the other way + full helm
Elyon Longbow (whisper): shall I try my skill with the bow again?
Robyn of the Meadows: go for it
Campaign saved.
[] Draven Ashwood: all writen in the module
Draven Ashwood nods “that’s our best bet”
Elyon Longbow: Longbow (12) : [3d6 = 14]
Draven Ashwood: didn’t mean to step on your toes, just thought I might remind you
City Guard (roaming patrol): what was that?
City Guard (roaming patrol): Stealth (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 15]
GM: that was robyns roll to hide from sight
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Robyn of the Meadows: get down you fools
Elyon Longbow ducks to the ground…
Draven Ashwood quickly gets down too
Elyon Longbow: stealth (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 5]
City Guard (roaming patrol): perception: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
City Guard (roaming patrol): i see you there
City Guard (roaming patrol): dexterity: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
City Guard (roaming patrol): robyn goes first
Robyn of the Meadows: reaches for dagger
Elyon Longbow
GM: has bow ready
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: Longbow (12) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 9]
GM: just need notching
GM: i’ll take it’
GM: dodge: (7) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 10]
GM: roll dam
Elyon Longbow: Longbow damage (1d 1/oocmp): [1d6 = 6]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): whew… hero of the day!
hass: the new tokens work well
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I love the dead bodies lol
GM: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow hops over yet another rooftop…
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 15]
GM: grab the lledge
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Robyn of the Meadows: another close one
[]Draven Ashwood: ^
2 Mild risk
[] Elyon Longbow: ^2 Mild risk
Draven Ashwood tries to pull himself up to the top
Draven Ashwood: Curse these roof tops
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (Mild risk +2) 14
2= (16):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Elyon Longbow quickly reaches out for Draven’s hand…
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: ( Mild risk : 2) 11 2= (13):[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: ( Mild risk : 2) 12 2= (14):[Failure!] [3d6 = 17]
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 5]
Elyon Longbow: Uuugh!
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows helps elyon up
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow: Allright, allright, I’m beginning to think this was a bad idea. How many more rooftops or guards?
Robyn of the Meadows: this is the last roof top
Robyn of the Meadows: no idea homany guards
Draven Ashwood (whispers): we have the advantage here again… just be quiet so we take them by suprise.
Elyon Longbow Mutters a brief prayer to Evariel…
Robyn of the Meadows: i may be able to sneak down and take one out
Draven Ashwood: Stay with us… just in case things don’t go so well. I don’t want you isolated down there
Robyn of the Meadows: the high ground should help elyon with the other
Elyon Longbow: Hmm, if you say so… Allright.
Draven Ashwood pulls out his large knife. " Lets get this done "
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow nocks an arrow and calms his nerves…
[]Elyon Longbow: ^3 Mild risk
Robyn of the Meadows: Stealth (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Robyn of the Meadows: thrusts Dagger (16) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 12]
Robyn of the Meadows: Dagger damage (1d-2 imp): [1d6-2 = 3]
Draven Ashwood aims for three rounds to get a good idea on whhere to hit. (aiming +3)
[]Elyon Longbow: ^
3 Mild risk
GM: shoot
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Me or Draven?
GM: you
Elyon Longbow takes careful aim and releases his arrow…
Elyon Longbow: Longbow ( Mild risk : 3, Mild risk : +3) 12 6= (18):[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 11]
Elyon Longbow: Longbow damage (1d 1/oocmp): [1d6 = 1]
tink! the arrow bounces
Draven Ashwood
Draven Ashwood: Large Knife (thrown) (14) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 11]
GM: dodge: (7) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 9]
Draven Ashwood: Large Knife (thrown) damage (1d-2 imp): [1d6-2 = 3]
Robyn of the Meadows: close call
Elyon Longbow: And this was only the way in…
Draven Ashwood walks down to the body to recover his weapon " Thank the gods it hasn’t ended bladly so far"
Campaign saved.
Robyn: Over there we have only to get past three more guards. remember what i taught you Elyon and stay close together and in the shadows. Divines is at the other end of this street.
Robyn of the Meadows: the first will be easy we need to hed north
[] Elyon Longbow: ^
2 Mild risk
[] Draven Ashwood: ^2 Mild risk
Robyn of the Meadows: Stealth (Mild risk +2) 15
2= (17):[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
Draven Ashwood: Stealth ( Mild risk : 2) 13 2= (15):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Elyon Longbow: stealth ( Mild risk : 2) 10 2= (12):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Robyn of the Meadows: sticking to the shadows you pass the first of the guards
Robyn of the Meadows: ahead there is the entrance to Divne’s
Elyon Longbow feels his heart racing as they are near their goal…
[] Draven Ashwood: ^-1 Unfavorable
[] Elyon Longbow: ^-1 Unfavorable
Robyn of the Meadows: Stealth (Unfavorable -1) 15Unfavorable -1 -1= (14):[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
Draven Ashwood: Stealth ( Unfavorable : -1) 13 Unfavorable : -1 -1= (12):[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow: stealth ( Unfavorable : -1) 10 Unfavorable : -1 -1= (9):[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
City Guard (roaming patrol): aye you there, stop!!!
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow staggers from the shadows towards the guards…
GM: robyn goes first
Elyon Longbow (slurred speech): Hailll, there, gentle…. capt-hips-ain…
Elyon Longbow
Elyon Longbow unsteadily walks towards the first of the guards, waving his hand in a grotesque gesture…
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): can I try to shake his hand?
GM: yes
GM: [3d6 = 11]
Elyon Longbow Offers the man a hand, and asks “Oh gods, I’m so drunk, how do I get out of here?”
City Guard (roaming patrol): stop right there you do not belong here
Draven Ashwood
Elyon Longbow: You’re… hips… right…
Draven Ashwood whispers his chant as he begins to weave a spell ( step and concentrate )
City Guard (roaming patrol): elves can’t ever handle their juice
City Guard (roaming patrol): lets take im in
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): did the ring with the sleeping draugh on it do antyhing when I shook his hand?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Epic idea…
Campaign saved.
City Guard (roaming patrol): great idea but you have to tell me your intention
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Whoops, I thought I did. My bad.
GM: i’ll allow it because it is creative
GM: ey what happend
City Guard (roaming patrol): draws sword
Elyon Longbow: Issh… issh, he as drunkennesss as I?
Elyon Longbow
Elyon Longbow tries to draw his sword and slice across the guard’s arm with the tip…
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): or can I only draw it for this action?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): You have to ready your weapon first
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): ok, I’ll just ready it then.
City Guard (roaming patrol): he carries a sheild anyways
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Just drawing my sword and waving it around in a grotesque fashion then.
hass: lol
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): I’ll create a diversion, you guys take him from behind :p
Draven Ashwood
Draven Ashwood releses his spell attempting to make the guards sword apper to be a poisionus snake
Draven Ashwood: Illusion Shell (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
City Guard (roaming patrol): wha,…wha ahhhhh
City Guard (roaming patrol): intelligence: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
Campaign saved.
City Guard (roaming patrol): he maintains hold of the sword with the illusions distration
City Guard (roaming patrol): swings at elyon
City Guard (roaming patrol): swings Shortsword (9) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 8]
Elyon Longbow: Dodge Encumbrance Lvl:0 (9) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
GM: elyon you going to dodge?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Oh, nice one!
GM: ahh sory
Elyon Longbow (taunting): catch me if you caa-haan!
GM: thrusts Dagger (Hard -4) 16Hard -4 -4= (12): [3d6 = 14]
GM: robyn misses move attack with dagger
Elyon Longbow
Elyon Longbow takes a swipe at the guard…
Elyon Longbow: Swings ShortSword (15) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 9]
GM: dodge: 7+ 2= (9):[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
moves behind his shield
Draven Ashwood
Draven Ashwood pulls out a large knife ( step and ready )
Campaign saved.
the guard leans in to kick at you
GM: Bites Bite (10) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 8]
GM: oops
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I’ll have to call it after this combat. I gotta take care of some house work
GM: Kicks Kick (8) : [3d6 = 13]
GM: misses
hass: ok
GM: robyn thrust dagger from behing
GM: thrusts Dagger (16) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 5]
GM: Dagger damage (1d-2 imp): [1d6-2 = 0]
clicnks on the armor
Elyon Longbow
Elyon Longbow: Swings ShortSword (15) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 6]
GM: parry: 7+ 2= (9):[Failure!] [3d6 = 15]
Elyon Longbow: ShortSword damage (1d-1 cut): [1d6-1 = 0]
Elyon Longbow hisses in frustration as another blow is deflected…
scraps across his breast plate
Draven Ashwood
Draven Ashwood: Large Knife (thrown) (14) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 11]
GM: he used his dodge already
GM: roll dam
Draven Ashwood: Large Knife (thrown) damage (1d-2 imp): [1d6-2 = 0]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): dang it…
GM: nicks him
Campaign saved.
he then swings his sheild as a weapon to knock you back
GM: swings Light Shield (6) : [3d6 = 11]
GM: but misses
robyn thrust dagger
GM: thrusts Dagger (16) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 12]
GM: Dagger damage (1d-2 imp): [1d6-2 = 0]
GM: but doesn’t break the skin
Elyon Longbow
Elyon Longbow: Swings ShortSword (15) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 8]
Elyon Longbow: ShortSword damage (1d-1 cut): [1d6-1 = 5]
GM: dodge: 7+ 2= (9):[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Elyon Longbow: Hah!
GM: he is bleeding
GM: was the sword coated?
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Yup
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): You cut the pants right off of him!
You reach the outside of a three level hostle of a building. the walls of the building give the impression of an errie aura in the light of the night sky. The windows glow with a dim redish glow from within.
GM: we can stop here
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Yeah, Ihave some things to take care of. I’d like to get with you to make the background for DM to when you can
GM: just message me
GM: I hope that session worked out cuz it gets hair from here
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I like the challenges. We have to use our heads
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I’m sorry my rp was a little lame… just wasn’t with it today



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