The road to BlackenHill

the sun is well on it way to full morning
the streets have thinned of people only the occasional house maid walks about
After walking past teagans den you again come to the location of that grizzly scene that confronted you the eve before
GM: standing near the gallow you spot brother vahn
Brother Vahn: Thank Brall I knew you would not abandon Rhodec in its time of great need! I take it all your affairs are in order?
Draven Ashwood nods his head slightly ” We have taken care of our business here in town”
Elyon Longbow nods in agreement. “I do believe we’re ready”.
Brother Vahn: Blacken Hill lies 30 Miles east along the coast. You should be there before dusk, traveling by foot… Just stay on the road, the foot path to the Priory is visibly marked. You should have no problems finding it.
Brother Vahn: here take this…
Brother Vahn holds out a brass urn
Draven Ashwood takes the urn placeing it in his backpack
Brother Vahn: 3lb
just as he hands over the urn
The same fair skinned, redhaired women seen in the courtyard appears atop the gate wall. she is dressed far less innocent than when you last seen her.
Robyn: I couldn’t allow you to embark on such a trip without this.
Draven Ashwood whispers under his breath ” thieving harlot”
Elyon Longbow raises an eyebrow…
Robyn tossed a small purse
Draven Ashwood catches the purse gripping it angerly
GM: dx roll
Draven Ashwood: [3d6 = 7]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): dex 11
GM: you caught the purse
Brother Vahn: Robyn, I do not understand why Brall smiles so brightly at your heart. One day you will force his weights to lay claim to your head.
Robyn: Is that any way to treat a lady who offers her services to the needs of the Brall and Rhodec? what say you fine gentlemen?
Draven Ashwood looks to Rlyon
Draven Ashwood: elyon
Brother Vahn: while i to don’t trust you with my purse strings
Elyon Longbow: I’m not a big fan of thieving either, especially when it comes to friends of mine.
Brother Vahn: i know she will not betray you to the cult
Draven Ashwood: If you come you must be point. I want to make sure you’re always in my sights
Robyn: i return your goods and you call me thief?
Draven Ashwood: I have trouble understaind humans
Elyon Longbow: It’s not the *returning
I have a problem with. Anyway, we had better get a move on if we wish to arrive by dusk.
Robyn: and not to mention i offer my services to help your …whatever it is
Elyon Longbow: I wouldn’t want to have to camp along the way.
Robyn: i supose then that is a no?
Draven Ashwood extends his hand towards the direction we’re going.
Draven Ashwood: You may come but you remain point.
Elyon Longbow: You’re welcome to join us.
Robyn: oh such brave little men
Robyn: and they say behind every man is a good women
Robyn: ha
Draven Ashwood clinches his jaw trying to remain composed
Draven Ashwood: Lead the way, woman…
Elyon Longbow: Las’tha et nohil…. Let us go.
Robyn: and i have yet to know where it tis i’m going
Robyn: ok
The journey begins you walk along a meandring gravel road speckled with weed and tumble brush.
The terrain consists of rolling hillside with grassy plains broken by occasional 1-2square mile patches of forest or woodland stretching into the distance. Gentle breezes fragrant with the smell of lite grasses and sweet flowers rolls over the hills. Robyn: so where are you all from?
Draven Ashwood: Translated in to your language, my village is called soul
Robyn: like the shoe?
Draven Ashwood: Like the souls of our ancestors. The ones we have preserved in the mistics tomb
walking alone and conversing the sun passes into mid afternoon
Ahead you see an lone traveler Limping down the road towards your direction. He wears a tattered black cloak and holds a staff.
Draven Ashwood: Our village is hundreds of years old
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): oops sorry
Robyn: you should know that i’m part elf.
Robyn: what is that?
Robyn: no oops
Robyn: all good
Elyon Longbow squints as he looks at the traveler in the distance…
Draven Ashwood watces the man and looks to Elyon and back to Robyn
As you get closer he steps to the side of the road leaning on his staff.
Robyn: Merchant (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Robyn: well that clothing was once worth something
You notice that not only is his clothing tattered but it is also blood stained.
Draven Ashwood: Good day, sir.
Elyon Longbow: Hail and well met! —Are you allright, sir?
man: aye good sirs
man: i’ll live
Elyon Longbow: What happened to you?
man: to bad for my fellow friend
man: was attacked by goblins up a ways
man: was able to kill them but only after they killed my friend and wounded me
Elyon Longbow: My condolences for your loss…
man: i need to get to rhodec to warn the city
Draven Ashwood: May their souls be used again
man: aye he was a good sot
Elyon Longbow: We came from Rhodec ourselves… The road ahead is free of danger, as far as wel could tell.
man: that is good news i must warn the merchant traveling to kalidel
Draven Ashwood: What other danger lies ahead, sir?
Robyn: PickPocket (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
man: you all would have any water to spare would you?
Draven Ashwood: I have enough for one day. I cannot spare any.
man: well i thank you for stoping anyways
Draven Ashwood: If you do not make it back, may your soul be used again
Elyon Longbow: I hope you make it safely to the town… Perhaps we’ll meet again in more favourable circumstances.
Draven Ashwood looks at the man with a dry expression
Elyon Longbow: Let’s go Draven, we’ve got a lot of grounds to cover.
Robyn: againwith the shoes
Draven Ashwood nods moves down the road ” That woman is my bane”
Robyn: is that so
Elyon Longbow sighs…
Elyon Longbow starts moving along the road again…
Robyn: well i am a bit bothered by the fact that though he travels to rhodec he has nothing
Robyn: not even pocket lint
Robyn: only this worthless medal
Elyon Longbow: You… picked his pocket?
Draven Ashwood: I’m sure he would be happy to accept your supplies for his trip.
Robyn holds a medal with a curled serpent
Elyon Longbow wonders if he recognizes the medal
Draven Ashwood extends his hand as if he expects to have it given to him
Robyn: junk, here
Draven Ashwood examins the metal closely
-> Draven Ashwood: does not recognize it
Draven Ashwood: You must have been a jakle in your previous life, woman
Draven Ashwood drops the metal into his backpack
Robyn: lol you will come to praise the likes of the jackle soon enough
As you walk along the path towards your destination, the road ahead opens into a clearing to the north you see a large patch of woodland stretching forth far off into the distance, before which stand a single solitary stone. The whole of the clearing is dotted with scrub brush and tall green grass.
Robyn: remind you fellow of home?
Draven Ashwood: No, I live in a village carved into a mountain
Elyon Longbow: It… it does.
Elyon Longbow: How much distance did we put behind us, you reckon?
Robyn: you never seen a waystone before.
Draven Ashwood shakes his head in confermation
Draven Ashwood: Never
Robyn: elyon roll wilderness suvival
Elyon Longbow: Survival (Woodlands) (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
-> Elyon Longbow: about 20 miles into the trip
Elyon Longbow: 20 miles by my reckoning… 10 more to go!
-> Elyon Longbow: you sense a storm coming
Elyon Longbow looks up
Draven Ashwood places his hand on Elyon’s shoulder ” Your skills are very valuable”
Elyon Longbow: There’s a storm coming though. THe weather is already turning, and those clouds don’t look too good either.
-> Elyon Longbow: Lore has it that the way stones were built by the evish ancestors to mark the crossing the silken threads of creation.
Robyn: No one knows who made them or what they do. Some think they have magic. I just know they are all over and can be found on most any trade route.
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood: Lets increce the pace … we need to beat this storm
Beast Per: [3d6 = 4]
Elyon Longbow Per: [3d6 = 6]
Draven Ashwood Per: [3d6 = 7]
Robyn Per: [3d6 = 9]
Elyon Longbow: Those waystones were built by elvish ancestors, or so the tales go. They marked the crossing the silver threads of creation…
you both smell something dead as you pass the open ground with the stone
Draven Ashwood glances around this is a smell he is very used to
Elyon Longbow: puts his hand under his nose…
GM: elyon can track where it is coming from
Draven Ashwood: Death is around us
Elyon Longbow: Tracking (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 13]
the wind is confusing the direction
Elyon Longbow: Ugh, what is that smell? Did something die in this place?
Robyn: maybe that mans friend
Draven Ashwood watches Elyon trying to track the smell
Draven Ashwood: That is likely woman
Elyon Longbow: Gods, with this wind, it’s all around us.
Robyn: i think it is coming from over there
Robyn: that action is free to repeat
Elyon Longbow: Tracking (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Robyn: [3d6 = 14]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Doh!
-> Elyon Longbow: rustling in the woods behind the stone
the wind is blocking you from tracking the smell
Elyon Longbow: Hey, what’s that?
Draven Ashwood: hmmm?
Elyon Longbow points at the woods from behind the stone…
Elyon Longbow: Didn’t I see something move over there?
Draven Ashwood: Woman inspect that area
Elyon Longbow squints
Robyn: oh brave men Draven Ashwood grins and looks at Elyon
Elyon Longbow: Perhaps we’d better investigate lest we’re ambushed by goblins ahead…
Robyn: you draven mayhap better equiped for checking it out
Draven Ashwood readys his large knife and trys to move quietly and undetected torawds the area
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
-> Draven Ashwood: you see a beast
Elyon Longbow follows closely behind…
Draven Ashwood grunts quietly and hods his hand behind him moations for weapons
As you notice the intricate designs on the stone you suddenly hear grunting and growling coming from the woods behind the stone. You step back to see what made that sound and find a large black fur covered beast charging towards you. The beast has huge claws and a great maw to match.



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