The mouth of evil

Elyon Longbow: you are having wild nightmares of devouring flesh and hunting in the dark

last we left off 3 days ago you all had set camp below, in the priory temple undercroft
Elyon Longbow wakes up screaming, beads of sweat formed on his brow…
Robyn of the Meadows: what is the mater with him?
Draven Ashwood sits up quickly pulling a knife and looking at Elyon
Elyon Longbow: Oh, oh gods… It was just a dream.
Elyon Longbow: I…I’m sorry if I startled you.
Robyn of the Meadows: for a while there i thought you were an animal
Robyn of the Meadows: panting and growling like that
Elyon Longbow puts a hand on the wound on his neck…
book shelves are placed in various spots papers and books and trash are strewn about.
Draven Ashwood: What was your dearm, my friend? This place tends to creep into y our dreams
Elyon Longbow: I was… hunting in the dark, looking for… flesh.
Elyon Longbow: The fight must’ve spooked me more than I thought.
Robyn of the Meadows: that’s disgusting, though a steak would be nice right about now
Draven Ashwood approches Elyon and inspects him looking for signs of any change to his body
Research/TL3 (12) :[Success!] [3d6 = 6]
(Draven Ashwood: he soesn’t look well)
Draven Ashwood: It’s time we move, and quickly. We’re expected back.
Elyon Longbow: Aye, we had better report to brother Vahn, as soon as possible about what happened here.
Robyn of the Meadows: what about the mystery vision you had?
Elyon Longbow: We can… ask about that as well when we see Vahn. Perhaps he’ll be more knowledgable about that bite I took.
whisper-Draven Ashwood: In a vision you see a man lying on the floor of a tomb. The tomb has 4 burials within. The man is surounded by angels bearing scales. the angels seem to be guarding the man protecting him from something. the speaks…
whisper to-Draven Ashwood: Lord Brall, help us…
Elyon Longbow: Do you suppose we should look for a sign of the priests in here?
Draven Ashwood: Lets hurry if we do. I have a bad feeling.
Robyn of the Meadows: I think we need sofe answers
Robyn of the Meadows: lead the way
Elyon Longbow: Allright, we had better make our way back then.
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood moves towards the upper part of the room coming to the corner as quiet as possable
Elyon Longbow gets up and starts heading up the stairs, grasping the hilt of his sword tightly…
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
Elyon Longbow follows along after Draven…
whispper to Draven Ashwood: a blocked tunnel
Draven Ashwood lowers his head and chuckles walking to the other side
Robyn of the Meadows: we’ve been here 3 days i’m sure somethign would have attacked us by now
whisper toDraven Ashwood: the tunnel opens up beyond your sight
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 8]
Draven Ashwood: The blood trail on the ground doesn’t make me feel too welcomed
Robyn of the Meadows: perception: (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 8]
Elyon Longbow kicks one of the books over with his foot, trying to make out the title…
whisper to Draven Ashwood: you do note the trail of blood
Draven Ashwood gives his partners a head nod and moves quietly through the tunnel
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Elyon Longbow (whisper): do you think they were looking for something in here?
Elyon Longbow follows as quietly as possible after Draven…
Robyn of the Meadows: i would suspect as much
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood looks back to Elyon and whispers " Have your bow ready.."
Robyn of the Meadows readies knife
Elyon Longbow nods and nocks an arrow
Draven Ashwood moves quietly around the corner inspecting the entrance he can barly see
you see a wod door before you
Robyn of the Meadows that was a ratman
Elyon Longbow points his arrow at the door, looking quizzical at Draven…
Draven Ashwood: Ely, stay back and give yourself some range
Elyon Longbow nods and backs off
Elyon Longbow (whisper): Ready when you are.
Robyn of the Meadows watches door with knife ready for throwing
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): was there any results to inpecting and listening at the door?
whisper to Draven Ashwood: no sounds
hass: sorry
Draven Ashwood opens the door and side steps a little before peering in
from what you all can see the room is filthy mess of straw and hey on the floor
fabrick shredded as though bedding was destroyed
Draven Ashwood steps in slowly inspecting the room futher
Elyon Longbow lowers his bow and follows in after Draven…
Elyon Longbow: What was this, a nest?
Robyn of the Meadows: looks like they were about to make it one
Draven Ashwood: It seems like it…
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 11]
Robyn of the Meadows: look at those shortswords and condle sticks
Robyn of the Meadows: i’de say this was a library living quarter
Draven Ashwood: Ok, Ely move back towards the entrance cover us from a range Robyn you should stick to the shadows to give us an element of suprise as we move through here
Draven Ashwood: Lets try and hold this kind of formation to play to our strengths
Elyon Longbow: Allright.
Elyon Longbow waits for Draven to move and cover him…
hass: tokens unlocked form them how you like
Draven Ashwood moves forward keeping to the wall and moveing quietly
Draven Ashwood keeps moveing forward
Robyn of the Meadows: perception: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 4]
whisper to Elyon Longbow: you hear dripping comming from the far room door
Draven Ashwood looks at Robyn and points to the left side of the door and he moves to the right side
Elyon Longbow taps his ear, motioning Draven that he’s heard something…
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow (hushed whisper): dripping sounds coming from the far room door…
Draven Ashwood nods at ELy
Elyon Longbow trains his arrow on the door…
Draven Ashwood opens the door and sidesteps quickly
the room looks very much the same as the previous room
Robyn of the Meadows: perception: (10) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 15]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): we have a lanterns, right?
Robyn of the Meadows: perception: (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 12]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Yeah, I have one.
whisper to Draven Ashwood: you can now hear the dripping comming from the next room
Draven Ashwood lights a dry piece of cloth on fire and tosses it into the middle of the room
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): But you better carry it, I can’t use my bow with two hands and a lantern :p
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): i’ll take it
Robyn of the Meadows: i can carry it
Draven Ashwood points to next door and whispers " same formation"
Elyon Longbow nods and backs off into the hallway…
Draven Ashwood: Hide at the entrans, robyn
Draven Ashwood opens the door and side steps
as you open the door the smell almost knocks you back. The room is filled with bodies that seem to have been skinned and stored some have bites taken from them.
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow covers his nose with his hand and gags…
Elyon Longbow: Oh… oh gods…
Draven Ashwood winces and steps away
Robyn of the Meadows: ugh that is just sick
Elyon Longbow: Are these the priests? We have to get out of here as soon as possible. This place is cursed.
Robyn of the Meadows: brall has justice to dish out for this
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 10]
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 14]
You can hear a dripping sound comming from under the bodies.
Elyon Longbow moves in a little closer…
Draven Ashwood: Unless someone is going to dig through the bodies, I assume we’ll be moving on
the sound echoes as though is is dripping into a cavernous space
Robyn of the Meadows: oh sure leave it to the woman
Elyon Longbow: Did something come up through here? There was mention of it in those priests’ notes…
Robyn of the Meadows: health: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Draven Ashwood extends his arm towards the bodies for robyn chuclkeing
Draven Ashwood: ladies first
Robyn of the Meadows shoves bodies aside looking to the ground
Robyn of the Meadows: there is an ornate grating here
Elyon Longbow: Let me help you…
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: roll ht
Elyon Longbow puts down his bow and steps in to help Robyn..
Elyon Longbow: health: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Draven Ashwood picks up Ely’s bow and moves into the room ready to toss it back to him
though the smell is bad you bear it and help move the bodies aside revealing a gold ornate grating with a sigil of scales
Elyon Longbow: This must be the seal stone mentioned. Draven, can yo make out any residual magic?
Elyon Longbow: Either on this, or on the door?
whisper to Draven Ashwood: Lord Brall, help us…
Elyon Longbow gags again, starts breathing heavily and makes his way out of the door…
Elyon Longbow: We have to get out of here. Vahn must hear of this. We found the priests, I assum that’s what they were. Something was buried here and is free now.
Draven Ashwood hands the bow to him on the way out
Elyon Longbow: Who knows what they released here.
Whisper to Draven Ashwood: Lord Brall, help us…
Elyon Longbow picks up his bow from Draven…
Draven Ashwood walks up and inspects the symbol
whisper to Draven Ashwood: Lord Brall, help us…
whisper to Draven Ashwood: the vision echoes in your mind
Draven Ashwood stares at the symbol his eyes fix as if he was deep n thought and whispers " Lord Brall. help us…." as if he was reciteing somthing
Campaign saved.
whisper to Draven Ashwood: the symbol sparkles as you inspect it
Draven Ashwood wipes my fingers across the symbol still saying " Lord Brall, help us…"
the grate suddenly slides open
Draven Ashwood looks at the grate and gives a half grin " and he listens…."
revealing a stairwell descending into the dark
Robyn of the Meadows: the air rising from beneath is warm and a releife from the smells
Draven Ashwood moations for lantarn girl to come over
Draven Ashwood: Ely let us just at the end of your sight and follow down we have to keep our range advantage
Elyon Longbow nods and follows after Draven…
Elyon Longbow: Allright.
Robyn of the Meadows: ok
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows she descends the stairs slowly keeping her back to the walls
Draven Ashwood follows her down with his large knife ready
decending the strairwell you come to a vaulted room. dragon statues line three walls, four tombs rest in the center around a glowing seal of Brall. before the seal lays a man who seems to be barely alive.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): what a badass job on the map I have to say
hass: I’ll give you the program for it
Draven Ashwood moves towards the man on the ground and inspects him " Robyn keep my back covered"
Captain Daleth: thanks be to brall
Captain Daleth: he said you will come
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): what’s the man’s unjurys?
hass: hanging to life by a thread
Elyon Longbow fumbles through his potion belt, looking for the healing potion…
Draven Ashwood pulls out his poation and gives him a drink " Hand in there, friend"
Captain Daleth: cough***
Captain Daleth: dont, my time is done here
Draven Ashwood: I have it Ely… keep us covered
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: Allright.
Elyon Longbow: What happened here? Who are you? What is this place?
Captain Daleth: you must open the seal
Captain Daleth: take the contents to vahn
Draven Ashwood nods at the man
Captain Daleth: I had no choice I had to release them
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Do I remember this room?
Captain Daleth: it was 4 nights ago when that blasted cult attacked the priory
hass: yes
hass: this is the man from the vision
Draven Ashwood: How do I open the seal? What must I do?
hass: the same room aswell
Captain Daleth: only i escaped as they over whelmed the priory killinng all my brethern and knights while we were unarmed in prayer
Captain Daleth: i unlocked the seal stone when i realized that it was to late for the priory
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): FP tracker for combat tracker would be helpful too
Campaign saved.
Captain Daleth: alread has it
Draven Ashwood nods listening to the man’s story " How do I open the seal?"
Elyon Longbow: And what do you know of thois cult? — Did they bear this symbol?
Captain Daleth: i heard legends but never thought them but a myth of the order
Elyon Longbow holds out the symbol of Azral
Captain Daleth: i let elack escape
Draven Ashwood: Elack?
Captain Daleth: that is the goal of the cult
Captain Daleth: to bring azral back
Captain Daleth: they seek the nether bridge
Elyon Longbow: Who was Elack?
Captain Daleth: elack yes he is free
Captain Daleth: i see his touch on you and yet you ask me that?
Draven Ashwood steps away from the man and towards the seal " May your body be use again, my friend"
Captain Daleth: they drove back the cult but i was a fool
Campaign saved.
Captain Daleth: you came though
Captain Daleth: brall said you would
Captain Daleth points to draven
Draven Ashwood looks back at the man and raises an eye brow
Draven Ashwood: Your god speaks to you of me?
Captain Daleth: pointing to elyon i see the good in you may it hold back the demon that comes for you
Captain Daleth: yes you
Draven Ashwood looks up at Ely
Elyon Longbow gives the man a sad look…
Captain Daleth: he said he would guid you here
Captain Daleth: open the seal take what you find there to brother vahn
Draven Ashwood gives ely a long hard stare
Elyon Longbow looks back at Draven
Elyon Longbow: It may be as I feared then. We’ll deal with that when we get there.
Elyon Longbow: Open the sealstone.
Captain Daleth caouch cough
Draven Ashwood opens the seal
Captain Daleth holds out a pendent and dies
Robyn of the Meadows: i take he wanted that to go to you draven
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood tales the pendent for the dead man’s hands
Elyon Longbow: Aye. I wonder what was prophesized of you…
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): *takes
Robyn of the Meadows: he was touched by brall
Draven Ashwood moves back to the seal trying to open it
Elyon Longbow (smiling wistfully): that is… comforting.
Robyn of the Meadows: well draven
Draven Ashwood keeps trying to open the seal and looks up at Robyn " Hmm?"
Elyon Longbow: Does it turn? Do we smash it?
Robyn of the Meadows: perception: (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Robyn of the Meadows: well it seems he handed you the key
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): does it look like the pendant is used to open the seal?
Robyn of the Meadows: it seems thst the pendent fits in the center
Draven Ashwood places the pendent in the center of the seal " Hmmm… this should work"
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow looks expectingly at the sealstone…
the seal glows with an ominoius light the dragons about the room begin to glow
then with a flash the seal disapears revealing a small cubby hole below
Elyon Longbow: What’s in it?
Draven Ashwood inspects inside the small cubby
you see a small cylindrical tube made of an unknown material that looks like ivory
Draven Ashwood reaches in and picks up the tube standing wwith it in his head
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): *hand
Robyn of the Meadows: we have the urn still too
Robyn of the Meadows: now what?
Draven Ashwood: Now we return
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: Aye, we should report back to Vahn as soon as possible. Take the urn with us. He’ll need to send a priest to bury it in the hillside.
Draven Ashwood: brb take 5 as we travel?
hass: ok
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood: Back
hass: wb
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): wb :)
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Thank yu thank you :)
ok as you begin walking to leve the vault, the walls begin to crust in black slime
the mountain above you trmbles
Elyon Longbow: run!
Draven Ashwood looks to ely and nods then starts running out
Robyn of the Meadows: the black spreads coving everything
Draven Ashwood grabs robyn’s hand drags her along
Elyon Longbow starts running up the stairwell…
as you run you see the black spreading and the earth shakes
Robyn of the Meadows: dx roll
Elyon Longbow: dexterity: (12) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Draven Ashwood: intelligence: (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
Robyn of the Meadows: dexterity: (14) :[Success!] [3d6 = 13]
Draven Ashwood: oops
elyon trips
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): let me roll the right thing
Elyon Longbow: Gah!
Draven Ashwood: dexterity: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
Campaign saved.
the black is spreading towards him
Draven Ashwood stops to help ely up
Elyon Longbow scrambles up to get away from the encroaching blackness…
hass: elyon roll st
Elyon Longbow: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 10]
GM: draven roll st
Draven Ashwood: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
GM: strength: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
GM: the blackness catches elyons foot
Draven Ashwood trys to pull him out
GM: [1d6 = 1]
GM: elyoin feels a cold burning sensation as he takes 1 hp dmg
Elyon Longbow: Aaaaagh!
GM: roll st all
Elyon Longbow: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 10]
GM: strength: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Draven Ashwood grunts and clinches his teeth trying to pull at Ely’s arm
GM: robyn pulls you up
Draven Ashwood: strength: (9) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): LOL
GM: lol
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): look at us having a failparty.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): It’s going to be hard to live that one down…
GM: you are all standing robyn got you up
Robyn of the Meadows: keep running
Draven Ashwood keeps running
Elyon Longbow breathes heavily as he follows after Draven and Robyn, casting a fearful eye over his shoulder at the darkness…
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: as you exit the mountain embeded temple you look bck to see the blackness of the hill spread to the mountain of the temple
you escaped as the last remnents of the temple door blacken
GM: you now stand at the gate to the priory yard
Elyon Longbow (panting): What… what just happened there?
Draven Ashwood: Let’s keep moving… I want to get far away from this place
GM: i’m with draven on that
Elyon Longbow: Aye, we should get as much space between us and this place as soon as possible.
Draven Ashwood turns his back to the temple and walks away torawds the town
Elyon Longbow starts to briskly walk alongside Draven…
the morning sun is bright in the sky
Elyon Longbow: It seems I… owe you my life once gain.
Robyn of the Meadows: well i didn’t exacly get rich on that one
Elyon Longbow: Thank you and Robyn. I cannot possibly hope to pay back the debt I owe you.
Robyn of the Meadows: looks like paldode still owns me
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: Paldode?
Draven Ashwood just keeps an expressionless face as they move foraward " You have your life… that’s more better than riches"
Robyn of the Meadows: paldoe
Robyn of the Meadows: i came from the north rashvor
Robyn of the Meadows: i was captures by orc slavers while crossing the range
Robyn of the Meadows: paldoe paid for my freedom
Robyn of the Meadows: but i must work for him till the debt it paid
Draven Ashwood: Orcs are repulsive creatures…
Elyon Longbow: How much… do you owe him?
Robyn of the Meadows: it is not bad he taut me my art
Robyn of the Meadows: 2500 gold to go
Elyon Longbow: 2500… A sad day when a life is values at that.
Elyon Longbow: But I will help you as best as I can.
Robyn of the Meadows: so nightly i scours the districts to supply paldoes fencing
Draven Ashwood: We both owe your our life, Robyn. We will help you pay your debt
Robyn of the Meadows: he takes the value off my taband pays a percent so i can live
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: as the day meanders on the sun reach high noone
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I’ve always wonderd how to spell meanders lol
you are at the stnking carcass of a dead arctother beast resting near the waystone
hass: lol
hass: don’t trust my spelling
Draven Ashwood: Who’s idea was it to rest near that vile corpse
Elyon Longbow: I would be happy if I didn’t see any more rotting corpses in a long while.
Draven Ashwood: Lets keep moving, unless someone needs to rest
Elyon Longbow: I can keep going for a while. Let us keep moving.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Who’s up for an ass kicking?!
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): It looks like we’re outnumbered again.
Campaign saved.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I have an idea to even the odds
Elack Vamou: i’m glad you realize that
Elack Vamou: you mean nothing to me
standing next to him is the man you saw limping on the road on your trip to the priory
Elack Vamou: you have something that belongs to my new found friend here
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Who is Elack talking to?
Elack Vamou: you
Draven Ashwood: You’re getting nothing from me….
Draven Ashwood starts concentrating ( Step and concentrate )
Elyon Longbow readies his bow
Elack Vamou: tisk tisk you really want to die here and now, and for what?
Elyon Longbow: You’ll not touch my friends, Vamou, and I have nothing more to fear from you, but death itself.
Draven Ashwood: I’m going to cask illusion shell on the corpse of the beast to make it look alive and angry
Elack Vamou: you will yet know fear just hand over the urn
Draven Ashwood: Illusion Shell (12) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 13]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Fuck!
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Our suckage is legendary.
as draven attempts to cast a spell he is distracted by the over whelming odds
hass: lmao
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Do I get another attempt or is that it?
mod Draven Ashwood: ^-1 dstraction
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): The bards will sing the legend of the elfs who eek by just barily
GM: go ahead
Draven Ashwood: Illusion Shell 12 dstraction : -1 -1= (11):[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Draven Ashwood: Arise beast and even the odds!
Elack Vamou: attack!!!!!!
Draven Ashwood: Ely take him down while he’s far away!
Draven Ashwood ready’s a knife
Robyn of the Meadows: i think we better run
Draven Ashwood: good idea…
Robyn of the Meadows readies knife
Draven Ashwood: Lets go
Elyon Longbow: Aye, we’re outnumbered badly!
GM: where are you running?
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Into the area with the most cover and soft ground
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows: elyon you know the woods
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Fuck ya…. good thing I bought the compas!!
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Ooh, even better.
GM: roll survival woodlands to find good cover
Elyon Longbow: Survival (Woodlands) (10) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Doh!
you enter the woods only to hear them chasing behind as the relalize the illusion
Draven Ashwood: I’m looking for an easy tree for us to get into
GM: Stealth (15) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Elyon Longbow: Camouflage (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Can I use camouflage on someone else?
GM: robyn makes cover in a bush
GM: yes
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Ok, that roll goes on Draven then. And here comes mine…
Elyon Longbow: Camouflage (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Phew.
GM: draven can increase with stealth
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Is there anything we can all hide in like a big tree hole or rock alcove
elyon begins taking branches and leaves and making a cover
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow hardly dares to breathe as the enemy draws closer…
GM: draven use stealth to hide in elyons cover to increash the cover
the enemy draws closer
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 16]
GM: no bonus
the rat men scour and trample through the woods seemingly blinded by the daylight
GM: [3d6 = 11]
GM: one lone rat man sniffs as the cover elyon made
Elyon Longbow holds his breath, his heart pounding ion his chest…
GM: [3d6 = 11]
Campaign saved.
he slowly backs off and continues searching
Robyn of the Meadows: what now robyn whispers
Elyon Longbow (hushed whisper): Stay put. If found out, try to slit their throat before they can make a sound.
Draven Ashwood whispers " let them get far enough away"
Robyn of the Meadows: [3d6 = 7]
Elyon Longbow (whisper): aye, then we’ll try to slip away.
they seem to move off deaper into the woods
hass: you guys got very lucky
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Man, tense moment.
Robyn of the Meadows: shall we make a break for it?
Elyon Longbow nods…
Elyon Longbow: I think they’re far enough away. Let’s get out of here before they return.
Robyn of the Meadows: what say you draven?
Campaign saved.
Draven Ashwood uses the compass to indicate the correct direction " This way.. and quickly"
Elyon Longbow hurriedly follows after Draven…
the compass indicates north as the direction the enemy walked
→ Draven Ashwood: the stone must be south of you
Draven Ashwood: We travel east for a day and then back to the town. We have to make sure we make it back alive
Robyn of the Meadows: we staying off the road?
Elyon Longbow: Perhaps that’s the wisest. We were already found once on the road.
Draven Ashwood: Ely help keep us alive out here in the woods
Elyon Longbow: And I fear they may be after us in greater numbers…
Campaign saved.
you travel rocky plains and wooded glenns as the day closes to night fall
Robyn of the Meadows: the journey is harder by dark and no roads to pad your footsteps
but ththe familiar farm lands surounding Rhodec are now in site
Elyon Longbow breathes a sight of relief at being back in familiar territory.
Robyn of the Meadows: never thought i’d call this city home but it is good to be home
Draven Ashwood feels the relief inside as we all look over the area
Draven Ashwood: Lets rest… I’ll take first watch
GM: ok we will staop at this point
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): wow…what a great session
GM: that was fun
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): Awesome! :p
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): We really uncovered a lot.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): Had a lot of fun!



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