Silence is golden, and Deadly

Elyon Longbow: AYe, something stinks about this, and it ain’t just those corpses.
Robyn: i agree
Elyon Longbow: Perhaps when we get back to Rhodec, we could inquire about the symbol?
Draven Ashwood: The medal?
Elyon Longbow: Indeed.
Draven Ashwood: I intend to, my friend.
Robyn: shal we continue?
Draven Ashwood nods
Elyon Longbow: We whall!
Elyon Longbow: *shall
The sky grows darker as the day wanes. In the distance along the road you travel you can hear a woman’s rasping voice lamenting over some dumb animal.
womans voice: You blasted no good vile beast, I’d have sold you to the last Orc band, had I not need of you. Maybe you’d make a good dinner tonight.
Eventually you see a cart in tow behind a pathetic looking donkey. The woman has not stopped lamenting and scolds at the poor beast.
Next to her sits a man who looks like it is trying to plug his ears. As they notice you, the man sits up and scowls.
Draven Ashwood a small grin can be detected on one side of his face
Atulah: Ahh fellow travelers. Tis getting a bit late hope to make the next Waystone before it gets to dark out. This road hasn’t seemed right in the last few days. But where are my manors. I am Atulah and this is my husband Dogahn
Draven Ashwood nods his head ” Milady”
atulah: my such fine manors
Elyon Longbow: Ma’am, sir…
atulah: how far would you lad say it is to the next way stone
atulah: hope to make camp
Draven Ashwood looks to Elyon
Draven Ashwood: My friend here can judge distance
atulah: wikderness roll
Elyon Longbow: Survival (Woodlands) (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 10]
Elyon Longbow: Looks like…
-> Elyon Longbow: aprox 7 mile
Elyon Longbow: 7 miles or so to the next waystone.
Elyon Longbow: Hmmyeah. 7 miles it is.
atulah: you boys headed for kal?
Draven Ashwood: Black Hill ma’am
atulah: funny you mention that place
atulah: i stopped by the priory foot path as i always do
Draven Ashwood raises an eyebrow
atulah: the priests like to purchase my goods
atulah: but no one met me this day
atulah: i figure they are praying or some such ….
atulah: hey you can purchase the extra stock if you like
Draven Ashwood closes his eys and sighs “This is the kind of news I was expecting, somthings amis and that’s way its going…”
Draven Ashwood: What do you sell?
Elyon Longbow: Something’s rotten about all this, and I intend to get to the bottom of it.
atulah: I sell my potions between Kalidas and Rhodec
atulah: you and her look like you could use the help
atulah: i have 7 chiros healing potions
Draven Ashwood: What are the nature of your po….execellent I will take one
atulah: 1 aeges confession potion
atulah: 15 gold each
atulah: each bottle has 5 doses
Draven Ashwood pays her 15 gold
atulah: do not take more than 1 dose per hour
atulah: here you go
Robyn: me too
Elyon Longbow: I’ll take one as well.
Elyon Longbow hands over 15 gold…
Robyn: 1lb
atulah: aha nice to get those off my stock… here you go
Draven Ashwood uses one dose now
Elyon Longbow puts the potion securely in his potion belt…
atulah: oh and when you see those priests tell them to clean that giant dead rat from the bridge
atulah: yuk
Elyon Longbow: Oh, humm… we’ll make sure to inform them.
Draven Ashwood: This road sees a lot of death…
atulah: thank you boys
Elyon Longbow: Indeed, it’s not that safe to be out here anymore.
atulah: as i said this road has not been right in recent days
Draven Ashwood: how muh did that dose heal me
atulah: strange people about
-> Draven Ashwood: 1hp
atulah: you boys do not have far to go
Elyon Longbow: I hopse so, this entire enterprise has been very taxing on us…
Draven Ashwood: I fear if we stop again the storm will welcome us
atulah: that reminds me i wish to make camp
atulah: you boys be careful and visit me in Rhodec
atulah: in
Elyon Longbow: Perhaps we’ll meet again! —Until then, fare you well!
Robyn: charming couple
Draven Ashwood: Let us keep moving
Elyon Longbow heads towards the priory…
The sky grows darker and rain begins to descend forming puddles on the gorund. the road is not a mixture of gravel and mud.
As you walk along in the rain you see a small trail leading off to the right through a grouping of trees. In front of the trail there is a signpost that has fallen into the mud.
Elyon Longbow grimaces as the water fills his boots, and pours down over him…
Robyn: this is the worst
Elyon Longbow stoops down to hoist up the waysign…
Elyon Longbow: Look at this here…
Elyon Longbow wipes off some mud from the sign…
Draven Ashwood looks as Elyon lifts the sign
Robyn: the sign bears a symbol of scales over an inverted black V
Elyon Vision: [3d6 = 14]
Draven Vision: [3d6 = 9]
Robyn Vision: [3d6 = 16]
-> Draven Ashwood: see something glimering in the mud
Draven Ashwood walks over and diggs in the mudd collcting somthing
Draven Ashwood: hmmm///
Elyon Longbow: Anything interesting?
-> Draven Ashwood: you find another medalion like the other but with writing and symbols
Robyn: what did you find there?
Draven Ashwood picks it up another metal just like the one picked from the old man’s pocket this time it has writing and symbols in it ” hmmm… look at this”
-> Elyon Longbow: lore
-> Elyon Longbow: The King of Worms… Azral, worship of Azral has not been known to be practiced since before the comming of mankind upon the lands of Belandir. Little is known of his myths other than he commanded legions of evil dead in an attempt to usurp the heavens.
Draven Ashwood: There is somthing we don’t know … Nothing is making sence
Elyon Longbow: I think I remember something about that symbol…
Elyon Longbow: It’s the King of Worms… Azral. He hasn’t been worshipped since before man walked Belandir, and little is known about him…
Elyon Longbow: Other than he commanded legions of undead in an attempt to ururp the heavens.
Elyon Longbow: That’s all I can make of it, anyway.
Draven Ashwood: ... an undead god? This could be a link to the necromancy guild
Robyn: what would it be doing here?
Elyon Longbow: And for some reason, I think this doesn’t bode well for us.
Draven Ashwood: This tells me their reach is beyothat can be coolnd the city walls
Robyn: that can’t be good
Draven Ashwood: We had best be on our guard, I fear the worst has happen at black hill
Elyon Longbow: Aye, it is starting to look bleak anyway. Best make haste!
Robyn: you think this is it the path i mean
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow: I suppose so. Brother Vahn said the path would be clearly marked…
Robyn: better take another dose
Draven Ashwood: How many can we take in an hour?
Elyon Longbow: 1
Robyn: well either some one or nature didn’t want us finding it
Draven Ashwood takes another dose
Robyn: she said 1
Robyn: raise another hp
Draven Ashwood: Lets get moving and with haste
Robyn: yes
Elyon Longbow: Aye…
Elyon Longbow starts to move along the path….
the rains begins coming sown harder
Walking along the foot trail through the trees you come to a small ravine that is about 40’ deep, a small foot bridge spans the crevase.
Draven Ashwood: remember…giant dead rat. It might have attracted prey
Robyn: ready knife
Robyn: i don’t want any suprises
Draven Ashwood ready’s a large knife
Robyn smell: [3d6 = 8]
Draven smell: [3d6 = 8]
Elyon smell: [3d6 = 11]
Elyon Longbow draws his shortsword and remains alerter than usual while making his way through the mud…
crossing the bridge you all smell that familiar sent of dead
Robyn Per: [3d6 = 6]
Robyn: well looks like we found our rat
Robyn: look down there
Elyon Longbow: Bah, it’s that same sickly stench again!
Draven Ashwood looks for the rat
Looking down you see a very thin man naked lying dead at the bottom of the ravine.
Elyon Longbow peers through the rain into the darkness…
Robyn: dosn’t look like a rat to me
Draven Ashwood: We found your husband, Robyn.
Robyn: that is a man down there
Robyn: haha a bit to scrawny
Elyon Longbow: Come now, let’s treat the dead with some respect…
Draven Ashwood nods
Robyn: lets be careful
Robyn: who do you think that is?
Elyon Longbow makes his way over the bridge…
Draven Ashwood: I’ll take point and see what I can find stay behind
Draven Ashwood: Stealth (13) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Elyon Longbow: Are you sure? We’ll be right here, give a shout if you need us.
Robyn: you are not the only sneeky one here
Robyn: Stealth (15) :[Success!] [9]
Robyn: i have your back elyon
The small foot trail has lead you through rock strewn hills and small dense patches of trees.
The darkened sky and falling rain make the trip almost unbearable but onward you march. The sounds of the ocean begin to sing in the air along with the scent of salt.
Breaking through a patch of trees you can now see what could only be for destination. A stone walled courtyard lies across a cobble stone bridge that spans a salt water inlet off the ocean. along the edge of the yard you see a few small stone buildings. but what catches your eyes the most is what has to be the Temple that appears to be build into the side of the mountain. The entrance of which is guarded by two tall bell towers.
Off to the right of the Priory over the ocean stands an emence black rock faced hill that seems to be dotted with tiny holes along the steep cliff face. it seems to be connected to the priory by a natural land bar. The Black hill has an ominous glow emenating from it.
Robyn: that looks like a burnt hill
Draven Ashwood: Let me go in first…I have a feeling we’re late for a party
Robyn: i’ve only heard stories
Elyon Longbow: I don’t like the look of this…
Robyn: never thought i’de see it
Robyn: atleast i get to see it willing not like those burried upon it
Draven Ashwood: Are we to enter the temple?
Draven Ashwood: how far away are we from the temple
Elyon Longbow: If nothing else, it will at least be dry inside!
Elyon Longbow: Let’s knock on the priory’s door.
Elyon Longbow: See what we can turn up over there.
Elyon Longbow: Perhaps we’ll at least be rid of that urn.
GM: you are standing at the gmark
Jafty (Draven Ashwood): I found the G spot!
The gate is unlocked and swings wide open in the breaze. It seems as though the place has been abandoned.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow): :D
GM: lol
Draven Ashwood: Not a very warm welcome…
Robyn: i do not like this one bit
Elyon Longbow: It doesn’t look like we’ll find a fire or food here.
Elyon Longbow: shall we take a look inside the temple?
In the center of the courtyard there is a well, along the wall to the building on the right of the well there is a fountain which lines a wall to what seems to be a stone barn. Next to the well to the left is three buildings the one closest is a single structure with fabric awnings. the one directly left of the well seems to be a multi-level building with a door to the lower level underneath the steps to the upper level. the furthest building looks to be a two level structure smaller than the second building. Directly across from the gate is stands the great temple building. you see no sign of people here.
Draven Ashwood: lets go… the temple is our goal
Elyon Longbow: Allright, onwards.
Robyn: [3d6 = 10]
-> Elyon Longbow: In the dark corners all about you you can hear the scurrying of rats
The great double doors are made of a dark wood that is re-enforced by strong iron braces and hinges. The doors each have a symbol etched into round brass plates bolted to the door the symbols depict the scales of Brall surounded by an ancient script.
Elyon Longbow: presses a finger againsg his lips, motioning for silence…
Elyon Longbow (whisper): You hear that? Rats!
Elyon Longbow (whisper): all around us…
Draven Ashwood: hmmm?
Robyn: eww
Robyn: i hate those damn beasts
Robyn: well?
Draven Ashwood: OK… lets see if anyone is home



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