Races and statistics

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Above is the Attributes table showing the stats pertaining to the racial templates. Ever character build begins with 100 character points. Since the human race begins at the free point average of 10; 10 being the standard average(costs no points to have any attribute at 10). ± plus or minus means cost and pay in points. For instance if there is normally no cost to have a stat at 10 at the creation of a character looking at ST for the elf means that the elf character gets 10 points paid to his point pool for ST being 1 point under 10, putting his starting points at 110. However the elf package has a DX 11 costing 20 points which places his point pool at 90 (100 +10 – 20=90).

There are further offsets to the starting point pool when choosing a racial package. These offsets will come in the form of Advantages, Disadvantages, Quirks, Perks and skills innate to each race. The offsets to the pool are balanced to bring the pool close to 100 points (± 10). to allow the player to custom build off his/her chosen template.

Elves Elfhuntress copy : ST-1, DX+1

Disadvantage Wealth (struggling) -10. As elves leave their Homes it is usually on a pilgrimage to discover their worth in self and others. The feel that they can not prove this by being bound to their family wealth and thus they leave it all behind.

  • Alcohol intolerance -1
  • Horrible Hangovers -1

Because of there lithe bodies and social guidance against excess, Elves are not very heavy drinkers in their own social groupings. What happens when they find themselves free of their elders is another thing altogether.

  • Acute vision2
  • Night Vision1
  • magery0

An innate ability to many Elf species. Possibly derived from nocturnal ancestry.

  • Bow level 10 DX-1 (1)

All elves are taught the philosophy and uses for the bow weather for hunting or combat. This is always instilled on them before they can even think about pilgrimage.

The elf Package retains 98 character points for the player to build.

Dwarf copy

Dwarves :ST+1, DX-1, Will+2

dwarves are stout and stubborn unshakable from their intended goals.

Disadvantage: Appearance(unattractive) (-4)

On the surface dwarves can be considered many things; strong, stout, intimidating… the word pretty doesn’t fall in to their description.(Them be fighting words lad)

Bad temper (12 or less) or Berserk (-10)

Which brings us to their temperament. They can be prone to having a short fuse, and once lit hard to dowse!

  • Motion sickness -10

life underground in the solid earth, one doesn’t get used to constant flux of turbulent motions. Thus, they are susceptible to motion sickness

Advantages: * Absolute Direction (5)

so many generations in the dark depths has granted these beings an innate ability to always know north from south and their east from west as well as which way is up or down.

  • Acute taste and smell 1 (2)

though the dwarven pallet is considered by most to be far from refined their acute sense of smell and taste ever lends them the ability to find water and food sourced in places where such things are not readily available

  • Night Vision 1 (1)

Another innate ability drawn from generations existing in darkness.

  • Vibration sense (10) vibrations are but a form of communication to these stout underground dwellers

Skills: Axe/Mace (can be substituted by one choice of craft skill)(1) LVL8 DX-1

if you do not have a trade among the clan guilds then you’d better know how to swing an ax of mace and protect those that are for the clans. Otherwise you are no use to the clan and that is worse than death.

  • Brawling (1)LVL9 DX+0

brawling is not just fighting it is a way of life. As well as a way of settling personal disputes.

  • Cartography/TL3 LVL9 IQ-1

a skill important developed from traveling the endless passages mines by the clans.

  • Jeweler/TL3 (can be substituted by merchant)LVL8 IQ-2

How can you call your self a dwarf if you can’t tell a stone from a rock or a fool from gold.

The dwarf package retains 102 character points for player customization.

Orc copy

Orc : IQ-1, HT+1, +1 will


  • Appearance (ugly) (-8) thus suffering a -2 reaction modifier

Orcs are very misunderstood creatures, though their waring nature and raiding parties have done little to persuade the more refined cultures that they are anything more than savage beasts of evil intent. This behavior adds to the fear and loathing projected onto them when encountered.

BloodLust (12 or less)(-10) because of their shear will to survive and become a dominant force of their Clan, they are prone to bloodlust. In their society the killing of a fellow clan member in a rage over dispute or to dominate that fellow member is seen as honorable.


  • Acute Taste and Smell 1 (2)

Though they defiantly are not simply beasts, they are well attuned to their primal origins. And the need to survive has granted them a fine sense of taste and smell.

  • High Pain Threshold (10)

From birth Orcs are given many rights of passage all involving the young orc to withstand immense amounts of physical pain. Thus their threshold for pain is quite high.


  • Brawling LVL10 DX+0 (1)

Life is a fight to survive. A fight to dominate. A flight to take your name among the clans. A fight to stand among the strongest!

  • Spear LVL11 DX+1 (4)

Every Orc Has a Spear (weather they choose to use it or not). They record the generations of their clan on the shaft towards the point. To the but of the shaft they record notches indicating the kills they have accomplished with that staff, and with which they symbolically bring honor and strength to the spirit of their clan. The training in the use of the spear begins the second the young orc first stands on their own.

Survival (chosen type woodland, mountain etc)LVL9 Per+0(2)

The chosen survival type is to reflect the origin of the orc players clan.

Surviving the harsh realities of existence is prime directive in the life of an Orc. Before an orc can “stand” among his clan and look his fellow orc in the eyes he must pass the rite of Kufahzd.

The young orc is stripped naked and given a stone knife passed down from the origins of his clan and then he is banished from the clan to wander the wilds. Only to return after he has clothed himself by his own prowes and brought a bounty enough to feed his entire village.

The orc retains 104 points to further customize the players build


Because of the diversity and adaptability of human societies throughout Valahn, The human race Characters do not have a need for a racial template. Humans are known to have the worst and the best capabilities possessed of their fellow Races of Valahn. All Attributes begin at 10 and start with 100 character points in which to build upon.

Some things need to be said on the nature of the relationships between Humans and the other Species of Valahn.

Elves are a bit snooty towards humans however they view Humans as a little sister that needs to be scolded as well as nurtured. It is not all that rare to see elves in the presence of humans.

Dwarves are less inclined to be in the habit about the human dwellings. unless their is a profit to be made or debit to be paid. Though Dwarves view themselves as superior to any other species of the world their chosen isolation is not a by product of high brow attitudes; but simply indifference to human matters. Weather indebted to a human for some unforeseen circumstance or for their own profit dwarves sometimes will be found among Humans. (prospecting, mercenary companies, merchant caravans etc).

Orcs and humans have been at war with each other as much as they have been at war with both Elves and Dwarves. It is quite rare to find an orc in the company of Humans but it does happen. sometimes because an Orcs clan has been wiped out by a neighboring clan and the orcs very survival requires them to leave their home lands to live among the humans. Orcs are dutiful soldiers and warriors and will join up with merc companies. Killing beasts, other races or even other orcs makes no difference to them, either way their spear will feed the spirit of their clan.

Races and statistics

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