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Date and time in Valahn

Valahn’s Calender year consists of 365 days in a year.

The Kalhinar people based their calender year and days on their system of elven deities. Humans over time have given the gods new names but the essence of the deity remains as they were originally revealed by the elvish kingdoms.

Seven Primordial Deities
and 12 Lesser Deities.

The seven Days and ruling Deity

Soludea Soluhn(Brall)
Malundea Malanis (Lua)
Talahndea Talisahn(Jazal)
Wehydea Wehy(Efil)
Thorahdea Thorah(Toran)
Feahdea Feadah(Veasia)
Samahdea Samahlah(Samhal)
Days per month can vary as they will correspond to the length of important mythic events relative to their ruling deity.

The 12 months and their length in days, seasons and Zodiac:

Athenis 33 Prime Spring The Returning Lover
Bahseth 32 Midst Spring The Swan
Calahn 32 Terminl Spring The Son
- - - -
Dahnea 31 Prime Summer The Chariot
Evahnea 31 midst Summer The Lion
Fehldea 30 Terminal Summer The Hunter
- - - -
Gahlo 30 Prime Autumn The Scythe
Halah 30 Midst Autumn The Dark Mother
Jahm 30 Terminal Autumn The horn
- - - -
Kehmea 30 Prime Winter The Wailing Sisters
Lahment 28 Midst Winter The Burial Mound
Mahsek 28 Terminal Winter The Silent Monk

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