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City of Rhodec

considered to be the crown jewel of Belandir Province, Rhodec is one of the oldest cities in the lands and home to King Borune and the Royal court. The city is a maze of narrow streets and back alleys, all with the heavily decorated buildings of old, looming to either side. At it’s heart, on the bluffs overlooking Velbyn Bay sits the Palace of Stars, seat of the King’s power in Belandir.

The largest city on the east coast of Kalhinar, Rhodec serves as a major trade route for goods headed inland from the Aleodan sea, bringing considerable wealth to the city.

The city itself is divided into six distinct districts, the Palace district, the Waterfront district, the Temple District, the Noble’s District, the Merchant’s District and Flower’s District. Each of these districts is administered by a lord appointed to oversee the maintenance and needs of the people living there. Ultimately, the power in Rhodec, as in all of Kalhinar, lies in the King.

Though the city prides itself on being the epicenter of all the common religions of the region, the city does have a patron god. Brall administer of justice. Thus the temple of Brall wields the greatest power on the streets of Rhodec. many of the knights are also in charge of the cities higher security functions.

Weapons can not be openly wielded within the city walls to help in this every person entering the city must undergo a practice called “marking your weapons”. this entails the guards fastening a bright red ribbon to the hilts/handle of any and all weapons in a manor that requires one to untie them before drawing making the act of drawing ones weapons a conscious act.

Population aprox: 25,000
primary exports: fish, agriculture, medicine, steal,iron from inland.
primary import: perfumes, exotic fruits, clothing.
Temples: Rhodec hosts master temples for all seven greater deities and 30 temples, lodges, pronao for many foreign and lesser dieties.
Guilds/factions: Merchants guild, Thieves guild, Cartographers guild, Tinkers guild.
Places:Teagan’s Den, Rough Seas lodge, Divine’s, Market row, Opera House, Palace of Stars, Kuthalic temple, Thalamitc temple.
Warser: Weapons training and armor craft
Paldoe the merchant(fence): thieves craft (Thieves guild)
Ghaen the scholar: reading and writing various languages
Delack the hunter: Bow sport/art/skill tracking hunting

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