Korah Abiram

Medium build, Dark Hair , Grey eyes


ST:9 HP:9
DX:11 Will:12
IQ:12 Per:12
HT:10 FP:10

Basic Speed 5.25
Basic Move 5
BL(ST×ST)/5 16 lb
Thr Sw
1d-2 1d-1
SM +0


Life in the Forbidden Forest was a simple one for most savage elves. And for a time, it was for Korah Abiram as well. Until the day Daehael whispered her sweet song into his mind.

A priest. He will lead the orcs here. He must be slain.

Using the forest to conceal him, he waited until the man lay sleeping. Then with the vigor of youth he leapt upon him, and with a quick stab, he felt the sticky life blood of the traitor flow unto the earth. As he stood, he felt a wave of calm flow through him. He felt the caress of Daehael. As he stood, he was blindsided by the preist’s life bond. As he righted himself, he saw the panther circling him. Again the panther leaped, and again the panther connected. He rolled with the beast, and threw it away, its heart merrily streaming blood into the open.

Korah took a step towards the exit, only to be greeted by another elf coming to pray with the traitor. As the elf approached, he saw the blood on Korahs body. Brushing off the offending individual, he continued on his way to the nearby stream. As he knelt into the stream, he heard a high pitched scream. The patron of the traitor ran to the bank, shouting and cursing Korah in the name of Daehael.

“Don’t you see brother; Daehael has sent me on this quest to slay the traitor. He was going to open a path for the orcs. He was going to kill us all!”

The elf would not listen to reason. Continuing to shout and rave, he drew his blade.

“No brother, do not make me kill you!”

The elf lunged at Korah, but he was quicker. He neatly swatted the blade from the assailant’s hand. Almost as quickly, a balled fist connected with his jaw. Before he knew what was happening, he was standing over a broken and beaten body. As he knelt to wipe away a spot of dirt, he heard a soothing voice in his ear.

Do not fear, my child, this one was in league with the traitor. You have done your duties well.

Feeling comforted by this, he stood. Staring at him from across the stream was a troupe of archers, standing at the ready.

“Korah, my brother, what has happened here?”

Looking in the eyes of the archers, he saw that he was already judged. A soft hand landed on his shoulder. He had the protection of Daehael. Surely they would see that. He told them of his blessing by Daehael, told them of his divine quest, told them all of his actions in truth. They rejected his story.

“Only Dondry has seen Daehael, you speak lies.”

Incensed by his tales, they struck. One arrow in his calf; another bit into his side. He bolted, running headlong into the forest. He dove around trees, ducked under branches, until finally he could go no further. Using his gifts with plants, he sunk himself into a tree, waiting out the storm.

When the troupe passed, he slipped out and silently strode away. The plants knew his was the truth for it was a Daehael had spoken. They promptly re adjusted themselves, masking his passing. For three days and four nights, Korah prowled about the forest, avoiding his brothers and sisters like the plaque. On the fourth day, he neared the edge of the forest. As he stared out into the open, he smiled. His mind was calmed with the comfort of Daehael. For the first time in four days the stood tall.

That was three years ago. I have been slowly acclimating to my life in the clear lands. I prefer the cities. The wood constructs and closed in areas remind me of home. It’s good to be handy with wood, the nobles love buying the little trinkets and such the wood evolves into. I may not be in the forest, but I still have its gifts. Still, no place is a home. Daehael guides me from city to city, seeking … something. I don’t know what, but I trust her enough to not ask.

Behind me? Well, there are a lot of things behind me. Deeland, I’d rather forget that place exsists. Bluemont was fun, but a man can’t get by on fun alone. I prefer not to look back. Looking back brings nothing but sadness, sadness not even Daehael can send away. But ahead, now that is a good question. I hear Rhodec is a nice place this time of year …

Korah Abiram

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