Questing for questions

You reach the outside of a three level hostle of a building. the walls of the building give the impression of an errie aura in the light of the night sky. The windows glow with a dim redish glow from within.
Robyn of the Meadows we made it
Robyn of the Meadows just in time too i do not think we have much of that sleeping drug left
Draven Ashwood I can only imagine what awaits us inside.
Robyn of the Meadows oh you have no idea
Elyon Longbow Finally. I don’t think my ribs could take any more slamming into buildings.
Robyn of the Meadows most of our cast can’t ever afford to come here
Robyn of the Meadows after you
Draven Ashwood steps forward to the door and raises his fist to rap unpon the door pauseing a moment looking from Elyon and Robyn
Elyon Longbow nods assuringly…
Elyon Longbow I hope this goes well.
Robyn of the Meadows open it this is not a house
Robyn of the Meadows i do not want to see those guards mood when they awake
Draven Ashwood shrugs and opens it the door waking in first
Campaign saved.
Upon opening the door you quickly notice the plush red interior. the floors are covered with a shaggy scarlett field of carpet. and large pillows strewn against every wall. across from the entrance a young maiden scantly dressed bid you to hurry in.
Young maiden Please, enter quickly you have been expected.
Draven Ashwood steps towards the madian quickly look back to ensure his partners are close behind
Elyon Longbow moves in right behind Draven..
Elyon Longbow Thank you. Alvestia is expecting us?
courtisan close in tow
courtisan yes, you will understand more when you see her
courtisan and
courtisan Yes, i know you been through a lot to get here and yes our lady will see you, please follow me.
Elyon Longbow follows her, looking a little sheepishly…
Courtisan All your questions will be answered in time… stay close and mind not what you may see.
Draven Ashwood nods while listening to the courtisian and follows close behind
As you walk behind the young courtisan, you notice the walls are drapped with fine red linens occasionally through wich you can see through an opening women in acts of pleasuring a client in various ways. some appear to be pleasuring themselves alone. Sounds of rapture, moaning and exhaling can be heard throughout the building. the scent of jasmine and lavender waft through the air making you feel an uneasy relaxed feeling.
Draven Ashwood raises an eyebrow and looks at Elyon
The young courtisan leads you to a small room in which rest a round table of heavy wood. charts of the stars and occult diagrams line the walls on all sides of you.
Elyon Longbow shrugs…
Seated oposite the entrance is seated a beautifull Elf woman, her black hair long and flowing, her features gracefull and alluring. The candle light dances off the fine features of her face. adding to the mystery of her knowlege.
Draven Ashwood Need a job, Robyn?
Campaign saved.
Robyn of the Meadows shh show respect here
Alvastia Please gentlemen take a seat.
Elyon Longbow pulls up the nearest chair and does as he’s told.
Elyon Longbow Thank you.
Draven Ashwood nods and has a seat looking upon the woman
Elyon Longbow Do you… do you know why we’re here?
Alvastia the courtisan maybe though it is you that came to see me
Alvastia the courtisan i supose you have many questions layered upon questions
Alvastia the courtisan i also supose you know who i am
Alvastia the courtisan and maybe further how i may be able to help you
Elyon Longbow Aye, we have been instructed. I suppose I could start with the simplest question: can you tell us who Elack Vamou is?
Draven Ashwood stares at the woman for a few moments as she speaks his expression one of no emoation " Secondly, my friend here has become ill and we would like to know if you know of a way to cute him"
Alvastia the courtisan I have hear of vamou
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan it was a vamou that founded the order of Brall
Draven Ashwood Indeed?
Alvastia the courtisan but allas i’m old but that yet was before my time
Alvastia the courtisan and his name was not Elack
Alvastia the courtisan that name i have no knowlege of
Alvastia the courtisan i must admit in Rhodec it is not usual for children of the eld to visit me
Alvastia the courtisan i must say i find it … pleasing
Elyon Longbow Would you have any idea what was locked beneath the priory, 30 miles from here?
Draven Ashwood glances back to the rooms behind him and then back to her " Pleaseing seems to be your business"
Alvastia the courtisan hmm algain that was ages before me
Alvastia the courtisan hahaha clidren of eld you know nothing
Alvastia the courtisan and now i’m insulted
Alvastia the courtisan and by my own children
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan we are courtisans not prostitutes
‘Jafty’ disconnected
‘Jafty’ connected
Elyon Longbow My apologies. We didn’t mean anything by it.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow) testing lag…
hass wb
Alvastia the courtisan a shame that the children of the eld know so little even of themself
Alvastia One of the woods and one of the banished tribes of the eld I see before me. both with their own secrets I also see.
Elyon Longbow Another question, if I may. What do you know of the nther bridge?
Mellock (Elyon Longbow) *nether
Alvastia the courtisan ahh legend of old
Alvastia the courtisan back in the ages of creation
Alvastia the courtisan the viels were yet thin
Alvastia the courtisan the nether bridge is nether here nor there
Alvastia the courtisan but called
Alvastia the courtisan to open the gate between our existance and that os the Dark Fae
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow Do you know how it can be found?
Alvastia the courtisan as i said it is nither here nor there
Alvastia the courtisan but called
Draven Ashwood How do we call it?
Alvastia the courtisan shame children of the eld not atuned to the arcane
Alvastia the courtisan forbiden unspeakable magic
Alvastia the courtisan but that is not why you are here
Draven Ashwood Please, tell me if you can cure my friend? Do you know of any way?
Alvastia the courtisan it is something elkse you seek
Elyon Longbow looks distinctly ashamed at the mention of him being bitten…
Alvastia the courtisan lol i see
Elyon Longbow It is… true. I was bitten by a man half rat and half human. It is beyonf the skill of our healer to help us.
Alvastia the courtisan well before your greatest ordeal is done your curse shall be your savior
Alvastia the courtisan i see you have damnics sword
Alvastia the courtisan i hear it’s hum
Elyon Longbow You know of my sword? The ratmen seemed to dislike the very sight of it. They seemed afraid.
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan with very good reason to
Alvastia the courtisan how is it so conveinient that you have it amidst your foul?
Alvastia the courtisan where did you get it?
Elyon Longbow We found it in the priory, 30 miles from here. It was lying there amidsts the carnage. One of the priests must have had it in their posession.
Draven Ashwood reaches down and grabs Robyn’s ancle and lifting her leg into the air " We also found these shoes "
Alvastia the courtisan this sword was forges by Brall
Alvastia the courtisan or so it is said
Alvastia the courtisan for the very curse you suffer
Alvastia the courtisan i supose you know that soon enough the beast inside you will take over
Alvastia the courtisan rending you to become a very demon of the Fae
Alvastia the courtisan that sword while remains in your possession will fend the beast
Alvastia the courtisan tame it
Alvastia the courtisan turn it
Draven Ashwood lets go of Robyn’s leg and lets it fall to the ground " It would seen that this Rat disease would be how Brall punishes"
Alvastia the courtisan to your will
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan lol not at all
Alvastia the courtisan that sword is a gift
Alvastia the courtisan if you were punished that sword would not be in your possession
Alvastia the courtisan imagine the raw Beast in your control
Alvastia the courtisan that sword becomes but a bonus to the powerfull weapon that you cwn attain to
Alvastia the courtisan can^
Elyon Longbow If I may, I have a question about an old text we came across. Some of the text goes like thi: “A hero’s frame hidss a coward’s shame and so unravels the world”…
Elyon Longbow The rest of the text is encrypted. Would you know what it means, or where we can find the key to decipher it?
Alvastia the courtisan well does that not have to do with why you are here?
Alvastia the courtisan what is it you seek
Alvastia the courtisan for i can not help you lest you tell me what you seek
Draven Ashwood raises an eyebrow and looks at ELyon
hass ok you guys fogot why you came to see her
Mellock (Elyon Longbow) The oracle Ival Hagit went to search?
hass yep
Jafty (Draven Ashwood) I guess so lol…Well I did anyways
Campaign saved.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow) I was getting there with my next question,I just thought I’d go slowly, question by question :p
hass np
Alvastia the courtisan these things you speak of are long before me
Elyon Longbow Years ago, Ival Hagit set out to search for an oracle, far South. All we know is that he set out in the direction of Yashgar. Would you know of what he spoke?
Alvastia the courtisan yes i knew or him
Alvastia the courtisan disapeared
Alvastia the courtisan he sought hard for the oracle
Alvastia the courtisan the oracle was used by the my people to stem the human revolution
Alvastia the courtisan i know not though where it is…
Elyon Longbow Not even a rumour? Not even point us in the right direction?
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan hmmm
Alvastia the courtisan are they ready oh great lua?
Elyon Longbow Please, I know we are asking much of you, but if things work out the way I envision them, the fate of Valahn may hang in the balance.
Alvastia the courtisan shall I ?
Alvastia the courtisan …
Alvastia we will ask the spirits and the Fae for the answers you seek
Elyon Longbow looks truly desperate…
Alvastia the courtisan mind you would you will witness is ageless
she produces a deck of cards from a black silk cloth, gently she shuffles the deck while whispering words of some long forgotten tongue. The candles about the room flicker and dim as she quietly chants.
her eyes close and her head rocks slowly ina rythmic motion. as he continues her whispers begin to sound disembodied and echo round the room as flashes and whisps of images move about the room as shadows. neither real yet challenging your senses as you witness their graceful travers about the darkness of the room.
she pulls a card from the deck then flips it face up in the middle of the table.
Alvastia The river within the dark womb of mother Valahn, there your path lies. Fraut with danger and trial vere not from the straight path for lost you will be surounded by death. be ever vigiant as the guardian awaits beyond the gates.
she then flips over three more cards
Alvastia Beyond lies the fallen, that which you seek. dark wisdom ment not for the likes of this world. bound to tell the truth. do not free the fallen make your query short and to the point. Even bound be wary as the fallen is older than even creation. and he may use the truth to your detriment.
Alvastia do not tarry as death and fire follow in your wake every seeking to usurp the light.
As she says the word “light” ther shadows fade and the candles flicker once again but this time raising their incandences back to a natural level. Alvastia raises her haed.
Alvastia The spirits have spoken…
She then takes a deep breath and looks at you all.
Campaign saved.
Elyon Longbow The… river within the dark womb of Valahn?
Elyon Longbow looks more than a little confused as he quizically stares at Draven…
Alvastia Shall I expand on what was shown to you this evening or do you feel you have what you came for?
Draven Ashwood looks back at Elyon then to Alvasita " Thank you for your help. We may have to spend some time doing research on these things. I’m not from this land and do not know it wll"
Elyon Longbow If you be be so kind as to expand on it, we would be grateful.
Draven Ashwood glances back and elbow nudges Robyn " wake up"
Alvastia the courtisan you friend there seems to think otherwise
Alvastia the courtisan i can help
Alvastia the courtisan while i am eld
Alvastia the courtisan i too care for this world
Draven Ashwood You’re…. an elder?
Alvastia the courtisan eld
Alvastia Old? … you fellows really know how to make a lady feel good. hahaha. Alas yes I’m old . I’m of the Eld and lived to see man free themselves from the bondage our kind inflicted upon them. then drive our kind from Kalhinar.
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan you are descended of the eld
Alvastia the courtisan now shall i expand on the word of the spirits?
Draven Ashwood The first blood of elf seem to have an of opression. To man kind, and even the blood of my tribe
Alvastia the courtisan sigh yes
Alvastia you see it was a was not that simple for me as I loved a man. To sacrifice my cast among the Eld and betray my own people and suffer for it is a price that I would pay time and again for the precious few moments….
Alvastia the courtisan shal i expand on the word of the spirits?
Elyon Longbow Yes please, if you will.
Alvastia The moon can be many things but here it is the dark places, places that most fear to go. Also in this case it can mean only one thing … underground.
Alvastia Where it is, that’s the question, however I can offer insight on that matter as well unless you feel my help is not further needed.
Elyon Longbow We would be grateful for any help you can offer us.
Alvastia Well I have been here in Rhodec sonce it’s very founding. “sigh”… when the short ears vanquished the eld it was here that they formed their first human kingdom. Now Ival Hagit was from Rashvor which if he were to cross the Yashgar range the only place he could have found would have been Rhodec.
Campaign saved.
Alvastia the courtisan does that make any sense?
Alvastia the courtisan well quiet ones patient children
Elyon Longbow You mean, the place we seek is here in Rhodec?
Alvastia the courtisan I like that
Alvastia the courtisan would have to be
Alvastia This city is much older than it’s human founding ruins built upon ruins. The eld once used it to burry our dead… long before my time, after the war of creation many eld who still held to the fae lended chaos to all valahn. even attempting to bring the old dark fae back. these foulers through their dark magics… rahter like that which you now face found ways to rend the veils thin enough to allow the dark to influence this world. Plague tore through the lands Rhodec was not spared the sickness…
Alvastia The bodies rotted in the streets aiding the spread of the taint, to combat the problem many now rest below us now. I will no longer bor you with history lessons, if the oracle is here then it would have been hidden below us and I know that the oldest part of Rhodec lie no more than a few streets from here… The flooded ruins.
Alvastia At Rhodec’s founding as a human city the eld temple was destroyed and the old chapple was raised to allthe gods, needless to say the gods priesthoods were quick to outgrow the chapple… an old thelmatic artificer lives there now. He over sees the grounds. Nice enough fellow but a word of warning, He is …um … as you say …A rather interesting personality.
Jafty (Draven Ashwood) Sorry far behind because of my wife
hass we will wait
hass say when
Jafty (Draven Ashwood) she woke up and desided to be an ass lol
Campaign saved.
hass just say when and i’ll continue
Jafty (Draven Ashwood) reaDY
Robyn of the Meadows so we have a good lead, what do you guys think?
Campaign saved.
Mellock (Elyon Longbow) Yeah, I think we can go and explore the old ruins.
Draven Ashwood nods while listening to Alvasita and glances at Robyn " I’d like to know where about the ruins are"
Alvastia the courtisan i’ll grant you pass to the district
Alvastia the courtisan however i recommend you not go the way you came
Alvastia the courtisan as i said the ruins are but a few street from this very spot
Draven Ashwood Since we wil be going into the unknown like this, I would think we should go and get some equipment. We don’t want to be unprepared.
Elyon Longbow With a pass to the district, we could go there easily.
Robyn of the Meadows by the first chapple, i know where that is
Elyon Longbow Aye, some supplies would come in handy. And we had better let brother Vahn know where we are as well.
Alvastia the courtisan as i also said the artificer lives there



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