A new enemy arises, an enemy fueled by a long forgotten evil.

the Dark Fae ruled the abyss before creation and currently dwell on the outer realms of the physical world. and ever seek to rule that which tore the veils the abyss asunder limiting the cold chaos of the darkness.

Chapter I. Reputation is sometimes worth more than riches in Kalhinar!

A small band of strangers find their way to the jewel of Kalhinar in search of greatness and fortunes. Only to discover that they are entangled in an adventure to either save a city and maybe the world from an ancient evil or join the seductive power of Darkness.

Fantasy Grounds II

Currently Valahn campaign is played using Virtual Table Top software allowing players from any where in the world to connect and play sessions in real time.

The Host server maintains an ultimate license allowing free unregistered clients to connect and play. We are currently seeking players interested in plot driven campaigns where epic role play matters.